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a little on my lately & the hudson river valley



The pictures here don’t relate to my title so much
but suffice to say,
they came from a trip with equal beauty
to that of the week before last.

We arrived in the dark
late Thursday
to a small cottage
far off the beaten track.
A place near Cold Spring, New York
in the Hudson River Valley.
A part of the state that I hadn’t been before
but one so full of beauty,
I’m certain I’ll be back.


We awoke early Friday
to a farm so quietly beautiful
that it took a moment
to take it all in.



On our way to breakfast
we walked the wrong way
down the drive
and found ourselves smack in front
of two spotted pigs.
They ran toward us at a rate I was surprised to see
ears flapping
and snouts snorting.
It was awesome.


We saw fields of fireflies,
pastures with cows
and more deer
than I could reasonably count.
We saw piglets and chicks
and tiny wee goats.


We sat by a boathouse,
we drove to the city to watch a game,
we ate cookies outside
and drank champagne on the back step.
It was busy and tiring
and pretty close to perfect.


I’ll be back with pie later this week.
Until then, hope things are swell.
xo, n



this post
these sandals and these ones too
this looks fun
DIY bracelets (via)
i like the pizza here
i’d like to spend a weekend here (via)
this town looks nice
there are still tickets left to my sunday suppers workshops, you should come!
the hudson highlands are beautiful
and this looks delicious



photos in this post are by michael graydon
for, into the beguiling wild, by tara o’bradymichael graydon & me (in kinfolk magazine and including recipes)
and find tara and my campfire twist bread in video, here. yum!

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the herriott grace film




For 10 days back in 2011
we made a film
about my dad’s role
in HG.
This is a story
about who my father is
and about how he
makes HG possible.
xo, n

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a little on my lately

hi. happy summer!


i’ve pulled the summer dresses to the front of my closet
and i’ve started wearing shoes, sans socks.

this morning i saw a momma bird
feeding her baby birds
and i giggled aloud on a downtown street.
it’s possible i looked crazy.

this past monday i spent near eight hours at the beach,
i laid in the park in the summer sun.
i grilled hot dogs
and i ate frozen cream.
i drank beer on a patio
and sipped tequila after dark.
i played frisbee
i ate popovers
and i walked through
i didn’t already


it felt like summer. in may. and for all that,
i’m glad.

xo, n


how about there?
what sort of summer
(or winter) things have you been getting up to?










our ongoing items are slowly growing, watch for new items soon
my new guest series starts next week and it’s about PIE!
our porcelain bowls are perfect for ice cream and they’re available for a limited time only
these coconut rochers are delicious
our beeswax salve is great for cutting boards and it’s made in small batches right here in toronto
plus, the first two photos: michael graydon // styling + food: me
and the last two: all me




this cake looks and sounds lovely
this salad looks tasty
the second photo in this post. i love love love sweet peas
watermelon and honeydew sorbets
this image
and this one
cutest cat toys ever
this loveseat
this light
super cute crafts for kids (via)
and my instagram



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on spring and recipes and this and that















it’s officially spring here
i’ve got my window open just a crack
but the way this season smells is quickly making the rounds.

there are baby buds on the trees outside,
and small white flowers springing from the dirt.
there are birds, scattered and scampering and flitting around and
singing the beautiful songs of spring.

there are flowers outside at the market now.
buckets lined together in short tight rows,
plastic pails filled with water and stems.


there are seeds for sale on the grocers’ shelves
sweet peas and petunias and all kinds of green.

it’s the season of pretty here
and that’s a brilliant thing.





i also wanted to share
some beautiful photos of the apartment where i used to live.
it’s a a place i still occasionally work, but no longer make my home.
it was shot for covet gardens by michael graydon, a name you see around here often
and who happens to also be my partner in crime.

i’ve also been working on writing my recipes down lately,
something i’m still practicing at but am enjoying just the same.
i love this one for sakura candy corn,
and this one for custard doughnuts with rhubarb sauce in issue 21 of covet gardens.
it’ll take longer than the candy corn but it’s well worth the effort!
the doughnut dough portion of the recipe is an adapted version of this jelly doughnut recipe


AND i’ve also got some super fabulous news to share!
i’ll be announcing a new regular contributor here soon.
her posts will be based around travel, recipes and cafes,
and they’re going to be beautiful!


PLUS an HG update soon!
and more big news on the way as well.
that’s all for now, friends.
hope things are swell.
xo, n







these notebooks and these ones too
this soap
this photo
cocoa carrot cake
my blog feed is fixed, you can follow along here
these shorts
how great do these look?! (i love the 4th photo!)
i’d really like to stay here! (via)
dip-dyed lamp shades

these glasses (via)
these look perfect
so much goodness in heidi merrick’s spring line
and this looks like it would smell nice


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a trip to our shop + a quick hello


just popping in to say
a quick hello
and show you around our shop a little.



it’s slowly turning to spring here.
the birds have returned and the snow is gone,
and i can’t stop thinking
of the months to come. i can’t stop thinking of spring.


how about you?
how are things? any big plans for the season that comes next?
xo, n







clouds indoors. amazing. (via)(via)
anabela’s blog lately. a long time favourite that just got better.
this is brilliant.
this hotel is beautiful. (via)
my kinda lunch. more here.
this necklace
and a few new items in the shop








and in honor of the season to come:
and bathing suits


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on prince edward island, the year past, and a trip to italy

hello! happy belated 2012!

it feels fast to me,
like the start to 2011 was just days ago.
like the preparations for christmas almost just begun,
like the trips of last year were just recently dreamt
and like those beautiful days of 2011
were just a bit shorter than they ought to have been.


that said, it was a swell kind of year.
i sat passenger to many a trip by car
i travelled from one side of this country to the other
and from one coast to the next.
from the red sand of prince edward island
to the grey skies of british columbia.

i spent time doing things that inspire what it is i do
i spent time with my eyes open and my mind quiet
i spent time doing the things i love


time on boats, days on the sand
moments in forests and things unplanned.
and sometimes
just a bit grand.



plus, some things that deserve mention:

i’m going to italy to teach at squam! and you can come!
alongside some amazing talents, i’ll be talking about capturing beauty in the everyday.
my class will be loosely based around food (pastry mostly) and photography.
we’ll be adventuring around the nearby town and countryside and stopping in at markets and bakeries along the way.
and then coming back to the villa and baking/cooking with what we find.
plus, we’ll be styling and photographing it too!
it’s about finding pretty in everyday things and it’s going to be amazing.
find more info here. and sign up here!

kinfolk magazine
remember a while back my friend tara and i took part in kinfolk magazine’s volume one?
well, we’re at it again! this time we teamed up with michael graydon for a story called, the scent of salted air (the photos in this post are from that trip) find more photos here and buy your copy here! and here’s a wee snippet: “Michael and Nikole packed a car and drove the 1300 kilometres between the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Prince Edward Island, to a town they had never been to before. For seven days in the midst of autumn, a 150-year-old farmhouse at the edge of the ocean was their home.” The trip was the first of what is to become an annual pilgrimage.”

our birthday giveaway winner
big thanks to all that entered, our winner (selected at random) is donna hinze!
donna please email us with your contact information and will get your package on it’s way!


happy trails friends
xo, n


my new(ish) column over on oh joy!
my jam thimbles over on lottie and doof
a wee mention over at bon appetit (thanks julia!)

in HG news:
will be updating again soon, join the list on the bottom left of this page.
and thank you, 2011 was an amazing year for herriott grace.

and because it’s what i do:
this sweater
this photo
this long sleeve
this video, brookyln’s verions of rube goldberg
this styling
the joy of quiet
and this photo

photos: michael graydon / styling: nikole herriott / for the scent of salted air with tara o’brady in kinfolk volume two

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