on working outside in january

HG | Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott


We worked outdoors most days in January.
In low sun and long shadows and perfect shades of blue.
Among palms and bananas and really green trees.
In weather that in Toronto, we only get at the very start to spring.
It was the kind of time, around the kind of people,
that make it easy to be grateful.
xo, N






This photo.
These boots.
This is the best honey.
These are some of the prettiest salt bowls.
I’m into these polish colours.
I like the looks of this room.
The photo doesn’t relate per se, it’s one Michael and I took a few months back, but that I really love.
You can find the mustard in this shot, here.
And I’d like to eat this for lunch.

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on baguette delivery and france in the fall

HG | France


We went to France a couple months ago.
It was when summer had turned to fall here
but when it was unofficially still lingering there.
When the afternoons were almost warm enough for sandals
but the nights chilly enough to turn on the furnace.



There was a fireplace in our kitchen
and a ghost in our bedroom.
There was taxidermy in our living room
and fish pond in our front yard.



There were friends and meals and many bottles of wine.
There were markets and broncantes
and numerous trips to the grocery store.
There were oysters.



There was the best yogurt I’ve ever had (Sweden & Beijing run close 2nd & 3rd mind you)
and some of the best cheese.
There were croissants and religieuses
and a good lot of canelés.
There too, was a truckload of Rosé.




And perhaps most exciting of all,
there was baguette delivery
and hunting for hare.
The latter, something I’ve always dreamt of doing (more on that soon).
And the former, somehow one of the the best surprises to date.


There were roadside stands selling cepes,
old men selling honey,
and chickens with their heads in the grocery store.
And hands down, there were the most beautiful butcher shops on earth.




There was cognac and chocolate
and the kind of magic
that only comes from getting lost.
It was amazing.










HG | France


Plus, a few things I like:
this table
the second photo in this post
the the wall in this photo
this situation
these scoops
this hair
red and pink together
and this sweatshirt




HG | France


HG | France


HG | France



HG | France



HG | France






HG | France

Photos: Michael Graydon

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a shop preview

We’re updating, watch for new items today at 6PM EST!
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we’re FIVE, our annual birthday giveaway + FREE shipping

HG | We're FIVE!



It’s our birthday,
And we’re feeling pretty great about it.
There’s something exciting
and gratifying about making it FIVE years,
something wonderful.
So thank you, thank you for being here with us,
we’re so grateful.



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HG | We're FIVE! 


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HG | We're FIVE!



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new work: bon appétit

new work |  BON APPÉTIT | HG



I’ve got words and photos from recent travels soon
and notes on this and that,
plus HG is about to turn FIVE (here’s a link to our fourth).
But before all that,
I’m excited to share a bit of new work.
xo, N



new work |  bon appétit



Images: Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott
Props: Kaitlyn Du Ross
Food (Cookies Story): Susan Spungen

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a shop preview

HG | a shop preview



We’re updating, watch for new items today at 6PM EST!
xo, HG



HG | a shop preview









HG | a shop preview  HG | a shop preview       HG | a shop preview

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