honeycomb semifreddo

HG | Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott
There’s a small part of me
that’s always imagined I’d be a beekeeper someday.
It was a wide-eyed sort of dream, mind you.
The type that forms when you’re little,
before you know what something is really all about.
Before you realize that honey takes
a truck load of bees
and penchant for sticky.



My childhood friend George
always had bees though.
And that convinced me I wanted them too.
That and the stories he told of them.



He was some years older then me,
more a friend of my parents
than a friend of mine.
But he was ever-present throughout my childhood.

Looking back now,
it could have been
the tins he brought the honey in,
that I liked so much.
They were that antique-sort-of-beautiful variety.
You know the ones I mean.
The kind that a six year old
who really liked pretty things,
might just have been into.


It’s of course possible that my memory embellishes
the pretty they actually were.
But I remember that violet honey
that came inside
and I remember the magic
it all was to my little kid self.



And as it turns out,
honeycomb mixed with cream
and eggs and sugar
and frozen together
makes for its own bit of magic too.
xo, N
HG | Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott



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HG | Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott


Honeycomb Semifreddo by Donna Hay


  • 3 eggs
  • 2 egg yolks, extra
  • 1 cup (220g) caster (superfine) sugar (I used 3/4 cup instead)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups (500ml) single (pouring) cream
  • 100g honeycomb, chopped


  1. Place the eggs, extra yolks, sugar and vanilla in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and, using a hand-held electric mixer, beat for 6–8 minutes or until pale and thick. Remove from the heat and beat for a further 6–8 minutes or until cooled.
  2. Whisk the cream until soft peaks form. Gently fold the cream through the egg mixture until well combined. Fold through the honeycomb. Pour into a 2 litre-capacity metal tin and freeze for 6 hours or overnight. Spoon into cones to serve. Makes 2 litres.

HG | Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott

posted on March 19, 2013 by Nikole


  1. Lauren says:

    How do you like The Dinner so far? I ended up not loving it, unfortunately. But dying to hear your thoughts!

    • Nikole says:

      Hi Lauren, so far so good but I’m not very far in. I’ll report back! I’m sorta sad to hear it isn’t awesome, I really thought it was going to be.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hi! I’m new by commenting here. I just wanna say that I’m totally in love with your blog/website, photographies and recipes!
    And also wanna say OHMYGOSH!! I’m a 100% Honey Lover so this ice-cream is just… AMAZING!!! Love it at all :D

  3. That honeycomb looks so lush! Wouldn’t mind tucking in to that semifreddo, delectable :)

  4. elisa says:

    semifreddo! gorgeous. i’ve been writing about keeping bees and things to make with honey these days, too. i’d love to have a hive. you’ve given me one more reason. http://url.appleturnover.tv/apiculture


  5. I’m intrigued and excited about honeycomb! Love this semifreddo — so comforting :)

  6. alyson says:

    this is beautiful, friend. xx

  7. Y says:

    Honeycomb and a little bit of cream.. such magic, who knew.

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  10. Just beautiful. I adore your photos (but I don’t think I’ve ever commented, so “hi”). I’m not keen to get near the bees but have become more fascinated with the process of making honey since I started doing some projects with urban beekeepers – it’s taking off here in Australia now! It feels awesome to be using honey that is fresh and so local that I know what street or even what rooftop it came from!

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