and we’re FOUR + our annual birthday giveaway


Hello! Happy Holidays!


And  well, Happy Birthday to Herriott Grace.
Back in November we turned FOUR!
Can you believe it?


Truth be told, it wasn’t long ago that HG
was a teeny little holiday shop
I worked on during my spare time in university.
And while we’re still pretty wee,
it means the world to us to be here.


So thank you.
Thank you for supporting what we do
and for making this whole thing




And in honour of our special day,
we’re giving a few things away.
The large (and beautiful) pedestal in this photo (!!)
as well as a few other treats from the HG workshop.
Leave a comment on this post
and we’ll choose a winner at random
on December 18, 2012. (check back here December 21, 2012)



And if you’re a new visitor here, welcome!
If you haven’t done so already, you can learn a little more about us here.
Find our recent press here and well, catch up on what we’ve been up to, here.




Plus, they is a lot in store for the holidays!
Stirring spoons (my fave!),
rustic pedestals,
porcelain dishes,
evergreen gift wrap,
egg coddlers,
dessert plates,
table laterns
and detailed pins are all back in stock.


And our cloud cookie cutters
will be back again soon.
xo, n


Photos in this post: Michael Graydon
Styling: Nikole Herriott (that’s me!)

posted on December 11, 2012 by Nikole


  1. Emma says:

    Congratulations! .have followed your business for quite sometime and still find it all beautiful. Hope you have many more years to come, I don’t doubt it for a second!!

  2. Alexis says:

    I would love anything from you shop – everything is so beautiful!

  3. Miranda says:

    Happy Holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you for making such beautiful things.

  4. Liz Larkin says:

    Happy birthday! Viewing your lovely work is always a pleasure.

  5. Elisabeth Desjardins says:

    Congrats for your 4 years, I love the shop!

  6. Mateja says:

    Hey, happy happy birthday to both of you and stay healthy and keep doing all the beautiful things that you do to make all of us happy!
    :) lots of love

  7. elissa c says:

    Oh boy, my favourite father-daughter business in the world! Happy Birthday.

  8. Allie says:

    Happy birthday! That pedestal is beautiful!!

  9. Oh that image of the cake – wow!

    Still absolutely in love with everything HG – don’t go changing…x

  10. Sasha says:

    Happy Birthday Herriot Grace!

    Thank you for making the world of salt bowls and pedestals, cookie cutters and tea towels all the more beautiful. And, most of all, thank you for sharing your story and your family’s store.

    Hurray, and to many more birthdays!

  11. Vera says:

    Happy Birthday! What you do is great and everything is just gorgeous in your store.

  12. Sue says:

    Oh….that is a dreamy giveaway that i would love to win… Happy 4th birthday HG -you are a beautifully handmade canadian team. You rock!

  13. Trudy says:

    Congratulations on turning 4! You make beautiful, functional items and I absolutely love my rolling pin!

  14. Cynthia A. says:

    Happy birthday to HG! I hope you celebrate with a slice of that yummy looking cake and a glass of something bubbly.

  15. Gabriela says:

    Happy birthday and many, many years of such wonderful creations to come! I simply adore your work!

  16. EmmaP says:

    Everything you do is beautiful and thoughtful.

  17. Happy Birthday HG =) i’m inlove with yout stand cake *.*

  18. Linda Zisquit says:

    The power of seeing your hand-made work of wood can only be surpassed by holding it in one’s hand.

  19. Raj says:

    Happy Birthday HG! Nobody does it better…

  20. Amber says:

    A very happy 4th birthday to you and your Dad and many happy returns.We over here across the pond watch and read with great interest and pleasure and only wish we were closer to join in some of the fun…x

  21. kelly gentry says:

    Wood is good! Love the pedestal cake plate & the entire birthday photo shoot. You have tremendous talent & style…as always, thank you for sharing & hip, hip, hooray to your day.
    Kelly Gentry

  22. Nanci says:

    Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday! What a great way to share your good fortune with others- your products are standouts. Continued success to you.

  23. corey says:

    how cool. congratulations. my wife introduced me to your work via her birthday and holiday wish lists and it’s been great watching you grow and broaden your product range over the years. go small business!

  24. Cenk says:

    Happy Birthday HG!

  25. Maren says:

    Happy Birthday HG!! Thanks for your dedication to such beautiful craftsmanship!

  26. cheryl says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! You are wonderful and I just love all you & your Dad do! xoxo

  27. Vanessa Gerbrandy says:

    Happy birthday HG!!! My baby turned 4 too this month and she celebrated with your birthday flags on her cake. Am excited to see the cloud cookie cutters will be in stock soon. Congrats on the business it’s awesome and I wish you many more years to come x

  28. Deea says:

    Has it really been 4 years? Makes me want to stop and concentrate on breathing – time flies so fast sometimes. We’re happy your wee selves are here too! I have only a stirring spoon from HG in my kitchen, so winning another piece would be lovely – esp. since my wee finances won’t allow me to actually buy anything for myself this season.

    Happy Birthday HG!

  29. Nell says:

    Congrats! Four years is nothing to sniff at and I always feel to good to see people my age bringing this sort of handmade resurgence forward. Plus, your cloud cookie cutter makes me crazy happy. My homemade doughnuts just wouldn’t be the same without it.

  30. gabriel says:

    i really appreciate the earth-grounded quality of your work together. also, there is a grace that is distinctly timeless. this combination makes for something that will endure and continue to give. thank you for your work.

  31. Jim S says:

    I can almost smell the workshop when I look at heirloom quality of your wares… It is easy to see that this is a labor of love for you.

  32. Karen says:

    Joyeux anniversaire! What a lovely way to celebrate — we’re all endlessly lucky you’ve brought these thoughtful, beautiful treasures into the world.

  33. Mariza Daras says:

    Happy Birthday and many years to come!!

  34. kim says:

    Congrats, I love everything about your little shop. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Nadia says:

      The pictures of your workshop remind me of my home. The site is inspirational to me and the kids I show yoor photos to. Always trying to instill a sense of beauty in all we do. Congrats on turning 4!

  35. AllieKD says:

    Happy birthday, HG! Here’s to many more years of making and sharing beautiful things. You’ve made all our birthdays and holidays brighter.

  36. Kay says:

    Happy birthday, HG!!! I love your shop so much.

  37. Christine says:

    Your work is always so beautiful – Happy Birthday!

  38. pve says:

    herriott grace, warm wishes to you and all that you do. love your shop. off to order and love love love to win that cake stand.
    your works are full of grace and inspire me.

  39. Sonya Masur says:

    Here’s to the 4th and many many many more! Happy Happy! Your pieces are crafted from the heart and with such love, keep going! We love all your work! Best wishes! Sonya

  40. Francesca says:

    what a beautiful birthday cake! many congratulations on getting to 4 and making such a success out of making the world a bit more beautiful. I’ve been fantasising about making everything cloud-shaped since I first stumbled upon you and your cookie cutter years back, but after endless birthday and christmas hints I’ve decided to bloody well buy myself one as soon as they’re back in. can’t wait! have a lovely year 4… x

  41. Tobias says:

    Great stuff, incredible. nice to have, always to late………

  42. Hann says:

    Happy Birthday! Love all of your beautiful pieces. Here’s to many more!

  43. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! I am wishing for a salt bowl for MY birthday!! SOOO beautiful!

  44. Sarah Jones says:

    I purchased one of your very first set of cloud cookie cutters and it is still my favorite kitchen item! The cloud cookies have brought a lot of joy over the years!
    Thank you and happy birthday, I look forward to following your work for the years to come.

  45. lizzy says:

    your story and your artistry and your creations are so beautiful. happy birthday, lovelies.

  46. Melissa says:

    Congratulations and happy 4th birthday! The work you and your father have created are so beautiful. Congratulations on four wonderful years and many more to come!

  47. Caroline says:

    Congratulations on four years of beautiful work!

  48. Tasya says:

    Happy Birthday!

  49. Darya says:

    Happy birthday, and congratulations. The cooking and objects are just wonderful, and so inventive. That cake stand is simply beautiful!

  50. Chris says:

    Congratulations on four years of success!

  51. Adrien L says:

    Wonderful and Happy Birthday, we have the same birthday. Keep on doing what you love and loving what you do, that’s the only way.

  52. Helena says:

    In portuguese we say FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!
    Congratulations for this incredible website! I’m a big fan of your work and you are a big inspiration for me!

    I wish you, your dad and the website all the best!


  53. Bianca says:

    I read about you and your lovely dad in the Aussie magazine ‘Smith Journal’ a little while back and fell in love with your shop and the story behind it. Happy birthday! xx

  54. Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!

  55. Nicoline says:

    I would die for that pedestal. It would look so good everywhere. Any cake would become beautiful. I have so many times tried to bye something from the shop but everytime it is sold out. My husbonds grandfather used to make wood stuff like yours. He lived in Sweden in the woods. But now I cant find any handmade woodcraft in good quality in Scandinavia. Please GIVE IT TO ME ;)

  56. Nathalie says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! Thank you for all of your beautiful work. I love all that you create and wish you much joy and happiness for the upcoming years.

  57. Amanda M says:

    how beautiful! Happy Birthday! I have been lusting after your products for years!

  58. Samantha says:

    Keep creating and keep on inspiring… Happy 4th Birthday! Love your work.

  59. Jen says:

    Happy 4, HG! I can’t believe how time flies.
    I think this calls for a celebration with some savoury meat pies ;)

  60. Johnna says:

    Happy 4th to you and your dad. Enjoy the holiday!

  61. Stevi says:

    Happy Birthday! Love love love all your products and photos! Thank you for 4 years of inspiration!

  62. Yolanda says:

    Happy Birthday Herriott Grace! I just made cookies with two loves of my life: my boyfriend and his daughter and we used my cloud cutters. It made it so special to me to use those cutters because that’s exactly where I was: floating among the clouds… :) Have a wonderful Holiday and may you have many more birthdays to celebrate with us!

  63. Lily says:

    Happy 4th Birfday! I love y’alls work,and am glad to know there’s still a place for artisans in the world. Your father is a true artist,and I always love checking in to see what’s new.

  64. afunhouse says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you! You are a wonderful place of beauty on the Internet, I’m so delighted that you are here! Thanks for sharing such loveliness with the world :)

  65. What a lovely piece of hand-crafted beautifulness. Congratulations on everything you do. Well done and Happy 4th Birthday fro the UK x

  66. Shawna says:

    Congratulations on making it and loving what you do! That is success! That cake pedestal is the reason I signed up for your emails a year ago…

  67. Emily J says:

    4 already- WOW!! I love your shop and what an inspiration you two are- such a lovely story. Happy birthday and holidays to you : )

  68. Katherine says:

    Congrats on 4 years! I always enjoy looking at your products and especially your photos. They are always pleasing to the eye!

  69. Marie says:

    Congratulations and happy holidays! Everything is always so lovely.

  70. Jenny W says:

    happy birthday friends! how I love the simplicity of your pieces. that it shows off the difficulty in simplicity. thank you for the beauty you put into the world :) happy birthday! And to many many more!

  71. Deb says:

    I find I am most envious of you both and the world you have created for each other and those all around you. Thank you for sharing you talents and gifts. I am a great advocate for “handmade” as I’ve just recently (and found the time) reintroduced myself to my sewing machine. We are so happy together once again. Love, love, love. A very big heartfelt Happy 4th Birthday to you both and may your continued success allow you more satisfaction in your life. A big fan from Canada eh!

  72. Shawn K. says:

    Happy birthday! I enjoy your site.

    Shawn K.

  73. love. love. happy 4th! truly what you create is beautiful. you honor the wood so.

  74. mrswoo says:

    Fourtissimo !

  75. Lisa says:

    Happy birthday to you! I hope I win!

  76. VA says:

    Happy Birthday! I just love love love the cloud cookie cutter I have. It’s my very favorite :D

  77. Nina says:

    In serbian language Srećna godišnjica means Happy Birthday!!! Every thing you do is so amazing! I adore styling in photos you do, as well as photography. Your work is very inspiring.. I wish all the best for you and your business!

  78. Fran Leavey says:

    Congratulations. We love your site and products. Here’s to another 4 years of HG.

  79. Debra says:

    Oh how I covet those pedestals and would love to win one.

  80. deb says:

    all of our pieces from HG are cherished, equisite and used over and over and over.
    happy birthday HG!
    so happy you are a part of our lives. :->

  81. Martina says:

    I love what you do. You seem so in tune with your father – it’s a wonderful photo of you two. Mellow, content, humble.
    Don’t change!

  82. Sebastian says:

    Yay! Congrats! I love my cloud cookie cutter :)

  83. Yossy says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your biz!

  84. Justin Dill says:

    Four years, what an accomplishment. I am really impressed by not only what you two are creating but also the story behind it all. Keep the excellent work.

  85. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday and happy holidays! II love everything you make and how you present it on your lovely website!

  86. stephanie thompson says:

    Happy Birthday! Such beautiful handmade goods!!!

  87. Elaina says:

    Happy birthday! I, like everyone else, am a big fan of everything HG does. Just lovely, lovely work. It also has a special place in my heart, since I am from Vancouver Island as well. Looking forward to many more years of beautiful things to come!

  88. Kirstey says:

    well, congrats! You guys are an inspiration to me – just starting my own little business and if I achieve half of what you have, I’ll be proud :)

  89. Gemma says:

    Happy Birthday! I have one of your rolling pins and a cloud cookie cutter and they are so beautiful. Here’s to many more years of Herriott Grace!

  90. Kathleen B says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! You and your dad must be so proud!! Happy Holidays to both of you!

  91. 4 beautiful years, heres too many more! and yeah I need that pedestal in my life :) x

  92. Jessica Stevens says:

    Happy 4 years! The pedestal is just beautiful. My fingers are doubly crossed!

  93. Cheri says:

    happy 4th! really beautiful work and styling!

  94. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday, many happy cloud cookies have been made with our cutter and mother and daughter rolling pins. Your work is so lovely!!

  95. Fanny says:

    Feliz cumple y que cumpláis muchos más ! That pedestal is absolutely gorgeous and thank you for the giveaway.

  96. Connie says:

    Happy Birthday HG! Thank you for sharing your talents and beatiful goods with us these past four years.

  97. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday! The shop and blog are beautiful!!!

  98. Amy says:

    Congrats on 4 years! HG is such a beautiful business.

  99. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your shop- such lovely, special things!

  100. Tim Vidra says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! Oh the yummy things I could put on this pedestal!

  101. Michelle Braxton says:


  102. Lisa Genest says:

    Wishing you the happiest birthday and the merriest Christmas.

  103. nina says:

    such beauties – i’m always thrilled!

  104. shari says:

    happy 4th, herriott grace!

  105. Denise says:

    All of your work is full of soul! It’s always a treat to see what you’re making and my wish list for Christmas is full of your items.

  106. Kristine says:

    Hip, hip for Herriot Grace! You are a source of happiness and inspiration, thank you!!

  107. marie says:

    Happy birthday!
    I already have a cloud cookie cutter that I love, and I hope someday I will own one of your beautiful wooden kitchen things.
    And your photos always look gorgeous, by the way :-)

  108. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday!

  109. RB says:

    Congratulations! And thank you for this special beauty you bring into the world.

  110. Sheila Stanley says:

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, I love your wood products!!

  111. Jennifer H. says:

    Congratulations! May there be many more years to come.

  112. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday HG! Your work and photos are so inspiring.

  113. Meredith says:

    Happy birthday! Everything is absolutely beautiful as always, Nikole. Naturally, it’s all been added to my wish list. Congratulations on 4 years!

  114. Sophie Millot says:

    Well, Joyeux Anniversaire, as we say here in Paris. Your work is a perfect way to tell (with brio) how it can be poetic to work with your hands. Not only the idea of it. Congratulations, you make me dream…

  115. Katie says:

    Thank you for putting your heart and soul into HG. The results of which are such wonderful heirloom pieces. I can’t wait to see what emerges from you both many years from now. Here’s to four years and counting.


  116. Michael Richards says:

    Congratulations. It’s such a joy to see the hand of the craftsperson in everything that you do.

  117. Bedobani says:

    Happy Birthday ! Many congratulations on turning 4 and may there be many more years to come.

  118. Bobbe says:

    You continue to inspire your readers on so many different levels. With beauty and an obvious passion for what you do.

  119. steph pardee says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Your designs are stunning.

  120. Jill Lauck says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I adore your work, craftsmanship, and aesthetic, and would be so honored to have one of your gorgeous pieces in my home. Bon Anniversaire!
    Cheers, jill

  121. Stephanie Hall says:

    Congratulations. I love your work and wish you much success.

  122. Artur F says:

    You are an inspiration. Keep doing what you love. Thank you and happy birthday!

  123. Lori says:

    absolutely simple and lovely-
    thank you for your time in creating beautiful things.
    happy 4th birthday!

  124. Julie says:

    Birthday greetings! LOVE the beautiful things you create. Wonderful to see things lovely objects made by hand.

  125. Luisa says:

    Happy anniversary!!! Love the work you do. xo

  126. Peter Orlov says:

    Congratulations! What a pleasure to see a family business concentrating on what it does so beautifully, patiently and carefully, without feeling the need to over-expand or “globalise”. Your pieces are a real joy to use and I hope you keep going for many years more! x

  127. Tarah T says:

    Happy Happy!

  128. Emilie says:

    Congratulations! Your work is so beautiful, it’s no surprise it’s successful.

  129. Gabe says:

    Hurray! Wishing you lots of birthday love! Congratulations nikole and HG!

  130. Diane C says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your work. I give your rolling pins as gifts often.

  131. Congrats on four years, keep going strong.

  132. Sarah J says:

    Congratulations on four years! Here’s to 4 (plus many more) of lovely HG goods.

  133. Liselore Poppe says:

    Happy birthday!!! Thanks for all the beautiful work and inspiration. So inspiring to watch your film! Love all your work and the way you both do it.

  134. diana necrason says:

    a very exciting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! your little shop is so sweet-your items beautiful, treasures to pass on down the line. our tiny bowl is a very favorite piece – your story, your dad, make the whole thing that much more fantastical. congratulations on your success!!!

  135. Naomi says:

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to another fantastic year of beautifully craftsmanship and new friends.

  136. Diane says:

    In honor of fathers and daughters and birthdays and beautiful things – may we all have the luck to be one or have some!

  137. Sky says:

    Dear HG,

    Congratulations on 4 years. My mother and I love the beautiful objects you have created and brought together. It would be wonderful to be able to give one of them as a gift.



  138. jenny says:

    happy birthday HG and congratulations to you and your dad.
    what you do together is so honest and natural – both spiritually and physically – that I am constantly inspired by the beautiful outcome.
    thank you.
    xoxo jenny

  139. Julie T. says:

    I wish a very happy birthday to both of you. I am in awe of what you make, of your guts, of that wonderful business you created. I wish I could do the same. Everything you make is gorgeous, and that cake pedestal… wow. I’d love to bake cakes just so I could put it on the table! Wishing you and your business a long life.

  140. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely love your work. Last Christmas I took one of your bowls all the way to Italy as a gift. I just wish I were quicker off the mark when you post new things. :) All the best for another four years and more!

  141. Angela says:

    You do wonderful work and produce items dear to my heart. Continue the great work and enjoy your calling.

  142. Janice Pfeiffer says:

    I do believe my 4-year old pup, Tatum is staring at your luscious cakes & cupcakes as I type this, and wondering why, oh why, she has yet no birthday cake, no birthday plate to call her very own.

  143. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday! Everything is beautiful.

  144. Stella says:

    I am in love with everything. Too bad i am just a design student and don’t have a lot of money to buy all the beautiful things. sadly. but this could be my chance. oh, i hope so!!!

    I always check your site for news everyday and my heart literally jumps, when i see, that there is something new for me to read. amazing.

  145. Katie romero says:

    Congatulations! You guys are the best over at HG! Keep making beautiful things :)

  146. Melinda Jane says:

    Happy Birthday, Harriott Grace… you don’t look a year over two! Wishing you many more years of continued success.

  147. Kerstin says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your shop. I have been following you from my home in Denmark and now from Italy where I live until christmas. Your products are so beautiful. I am a student right now working with food design and I like to look at your webside for inspiration. Enjoy your birthday! :)

  148. Wendy M Cecil says:

    Congratulations on turning four! Your work is a gentle yet powerful reminder of the loveliness that can be made and shared – whether through purchase of your exquisite pieces or simply by looking at the objects on your website. The simplicity and craftsmanship in every piece is evidence of great love for what you do and respect for the eye of the beholder and the labour of the user. I wish you and your shop continued success!

  149. Deborah says:

    Well done! Hip-hip-hooray times 4… with many happy returns. xo

  150. Marielle says:

    HB! Everything you do is so lovely..

  151. jan says:

    Happy Birth Day! You have set a standard that others are attempting to match. The significance of your accomplishment is inspiring to all of us and has moved a whole generation of people to appreciate and value handcrafted art. Thank you!

  152. myra says:

    would love that beautiful pedestal or anything from your store!

  153. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday! Beautiful craftsmanship will never go out of style. <3

  154. Erin says:

    Congratulations and happy birthday! You make beautiful things that are such an inspiration.

  155. Danielle says:

    Happy Birthday HG!

    I love admiring your products and can’t wait to start my own HG collection (hopefully starting with the gorgeous pedestal)!

    Happy Holidays!

    Regina, SK.

  156. Happy birthday! Beautiful things, love your work.

  157. Ruth Katz says:

    A very happy birthday! What a beautiful gift you are giving away!

  158. Carolanne says:

    Congratulations Nikole and Lance! You should be so proud of what you’re doing!

  159. Sarah Walker says:

    Happy birthday, Herriott Grace! There is such beauty in what you and your dad put out in the world, Nikole. Thanks for sharing it with us and allowing us to celebrate with you! Wishing you a peaceful and happy holidays filled with meaningful time spent with the ones you love.


  160. Zaida says:

    Congrats and all the best for the coming years!


  161. Leah McCord says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My, that is a beautiful pedestal you are giving away! I’ve been stalking your shop for so long now but have sadly only been able to afford the cloud cookie cutter (fervently hoping the feather one comes back in stock soon!). One of these days I will own one you your cake pedestals AND a beautiful, giant salad bowl to wow my friends with!

    Congrats on your continuing success!

    Something Old Weddings

  162. Amanda says:

    Happy 4th, Nikole!

    We cherish the spoon we bought from you two years ago. It has pride of place in our home.

    Here’s to many more birthdays!


  163. Skye says:

    It’s been a pleasure watching you grow. Happy Birthday! I look forward to your posts and all their lovely photos and links, and of course covet the beautiful hand-crafted things you sell. Thank you.

  164. Milène says:

    Joyeux anniversaire ! and congratulations, your products are so lovely :)

  165. Anna says:

    Thank you for your beautiful products and lovely words. Visiting your site is a treat every time. Congratulations!

  166. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday and Best Wishes! xx

  167. Rurie Furukaki says:

    I have admired the fine workmanship of your beautiful objects, with awe. I am Japanese and truly appreciate the hard work and love instilled in your handmade objects. You do work that feeds your souls and that of others, who are fortunate enough to own your pieces. Congratulations, and PLEASE do not stop doing what you do!!!!

    All best wishes,

    Rurie Furukaki

  168. Jane Ng says:

    Congratulations on turning four! You have been more than amazing! Loveeeeeeeeeeee everything that I have read and seen so far. Just brilliant. :)

  169. Kelley says:

    Congratulations on four GORGEOUS years & here’s to many more!!!

  170. Kathryn says:

    Absolutely beautiful beautiful work.

  171. Leslie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I must tell you I enjoy touching my beautil pieces I’ve received from you as much as I enjoy using them. Oh that wood … How I love it!

  172. Yay! Congrats Nikole! This is so exciting. :)

  173. Christine says:

    Happy 4th birthday! I discovered your website this year and love, love all that you do! I particularly loved the video of you and your dad telling your story…so beautiful and heartwarming! Congratulations!

  174. Thanh Lê says:

    Congratulations on your success. It’s not difficult to see why. When I grow up (in my next life), I would like to be a wood artist in addition to being a fiber artist (the latter would not be difficult as I am dabbing in fiber in this life).

  175. Oami says:

    Happy birthday! You are so inspiring in everything you do. Here’s to many more years of the same.

  176. Nicole says:

    I love your pieces and are hoping we get some for our upcoming wedding. They will make such a beautiful addition to our home.

  177. Jessica says:

    happy birthday HG!
    such beautiful, beautiful things. it’d be a real treat to get to have any of the products you and your dad work so hard on!

  178. Jaci C. says:

    I love your site and your things so much. Congrats to you and your dad on the beautiful work you do and for celebrating 4 years of doing it!

  179. Alessandra says:

    Happy 4 Herriot Grace!
    I’ve been follow your journey since almost 4 years then!
    Wow, time goes really fast indeed.
    Many years to come, cheers to you!

  180. Irene S says:

    Happy fourth birthday, HG! May the joy you bring to your fans and clients be returned to you two-fold. Cheers!

  181. Niamh says:

    Congratulations Nikole! You are an inspiration to me all the way across the water in Ireland.

  182. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! Owning a few beautiful spoons from you is high on my wish list!

  183. Giulia Doyle says:

    Happy Birthday! I always want to buy your full store and I am so pleased with my small candy dish. A large companion would be very welcome in my home! Fingers crossed and much love and success to your endeavor – you guys are amazing!

  184. Pegah says:

    Oh My! this is my first visit to your site, and i am in love with all the natural wood. I would love to have something of yours in my home. and happy 4th birthday.

  185. Claire says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire! Many happy returns. It’s heartwarming to see the love and care put into each of your products. Thanks!

  186. elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday!

  187. Zerlina says:

    Many Congratulations on your 4th Year! Thank you for all the inspiration through your beautiful craft and your photography! HG continues to be a cherished favourite.

  188. Angelica says:

    Happy Happy and Congratulations! You’re photos and wonderful products are always such a delight and inspiration.

  189. Annemarie says:

    Aw, congrats! Four…at four you go to school here in the Netherlands. So I wish you a year of learning about new and exciting things ;)

  190. Tina F. says:

    I am just blown away by your beautiful shop! It’s such a treat to visit! Happy Birthday and wishes for many more years of success with all your endeavors!

  191. Congratulations! I love your products and am glad you guys are growing. You also have beautiful website.

  192. Kim Richmond says:

    Your work is simple and naturally beautiful. I am a baker and I was so lucky to have been able to purchase one of your rolling pins! I hope i get to display some of my baked goodies on the cake stand!Congrats !

  193. Alia says:

    …Un anniversaire…un instant magnifique…
    …le quatrième anniversaire…simplement merveilleux…juste la récompense d’un GRAND travail, authentique, simple, véritable, tout simplement vivant et touchant…
    …toute émue devant chacune de vos créations, de ces collaborations père-fille: c’est la vie…it’s just beautiful.
    Happy birthday and many thank’s.

  194. A very Happy Birthday to a special pair….your talents of both Father and Daughter are most appreciated by those of us who love excellence and creativity above all else !!! Celebrate your accomplishments and your connection.
    Thank you
    Nancy Hopkins

  195. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! You have such beautiful handmade items – it would be a honor to own any of them.

  196. Ani La says:

    dears, i wish you a very happy birthday.
    you are so inspiring, in many ways!
    much love from vienna,

  197. Quinn says:

    Your work is beautiful! I’ve been admiring your site for a few years now. I would love to have that pretty pedestal displaying my cakes and other goodies. Congratulations on all of your hard work and success. I love to see family/small businesses thrive. xo

  198. Liz says:

    Congratulations! So amazing to see how much you’ve grown!

  199. Christina says:

    Lovely, lovely items that I have enjoyed over and over again.

  200. Laura Easton says:

    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY and congratulations on all the beautiful things you’ve made and everything you’ve achieved in that time!
    With love, Laura. Xx

  201. Sara says:

    Happy birthday! What a fantastic accomplishment! It helps that all of your products are beautiful.

  202. chandra says:

    happy birthday! i simply adore each and every item in your very special shop:) here’s to many more years of love & creativity…

  203. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the fantastic chance to finally own one of your beautiful pieces (and just in time for my birthday)!

  204. yvonne says:

    happy happy birthday HG– you make beautiful things that warm the heart.

  205. Roberta Nelson says:

    Everything that you offer is wonderful.
    I once carved a bowl and spoon so I really understand the work that you both put into everything. Love your photos too.
    Congrats on the big FOUR!!!!

  206. Laurie says:

    A beautiful story… exquisite products & styling… Congrats!

  207. Sheri says:

    Congratulations on 4 years in business! It is so refreshing to see the support of handcrafted products! Happy Birthday and all the best going forward!!!!

  208. Paula M says:

    Early this year I discovered HG. It is such a pleasure to read and look at each post and photo. Happy birthday HG! It warms my heart that you exist.

  209. judith b. says:

    A very happy anniversary to you and your dad! You make such beautiful things together! I would love a large pedestal to think of your two and your lovely story every day…

  210. Avice says:

    And here is to many more — birthdays, that is. HG is entrancing…

  211. Emily says:

    Congrats, you guys, on four years of filling the world with your gorgeous wares! So happy for you, Nikole! Your shop just gets better and better! Xo

  212. Charlene Spence says:

    Happy Birthday!

  213. Shelly Garinther says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’d love a cake stand to go with my HG rolling pin!

  214. Melinda says:

    Happy Birthday and many many more!!! I love your father’s beautiful creations and your sensitive eye.
    Again, best wishes for years to come!

  215. Cindy Corcoran says:

    I think of you everyday as I look at the beautiful feather dish towels that hang in my kitchen, and once again when I use the rock salt from the lovely little churned cherry salt bowl. You have somehow made the mundane tasks in the kitchen much more interesting and elegant!!
    Wishing you and your father a happy fourth anniversary and many more creative years in the wood shop!!!!!!!

  216. Ann says:

    Have a very yummy 4th birthday Herriott Grace, I am looking forward to see more gorgeousness from you.

    Just received my cloud cutter and love it, the packaging really did feel like an early Christmas present. Thank you

  217. Lindsay-Jean says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  218. heather f says:

    I love your images and wish you would post more often!

    happy birthday….and many more


  219. Julia says:

    A very happy birthday to the two of you! Your creations inspire me…Here’s to many more!

  220. Katrina says:

    aww, happy, happy birthday. twirl, rejoice.

  221. Dee says:

    You are so lucky to be doing what you do with who you do it with. Bravo!!!
    Happy FOUR and many, many more.

  222. Kirsten says:

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    Beautiful work! Just beautiful!, Congrats on 4 years and may many more come your way.

  227. Michele Michael says:

    happy birthday, HG!


  228. Congrats Nicole & Dad,

    Here’s to four more years! Our family business is celebrating too (our 60th year!) and I wish you long and continued success.
    Hope to hear from you soon and anticipating my next purchase.

  229. wynne says:

    happy birthday HG! and to many more :D

  230. Maraka says:

    Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas.I love your images and the beautiful items you make. May you be around to celebrate many more birthdays. xxx

  231. Emmeline says:

    happy birthday!

  232. Happy 4th Birthday HG! We thank you for all the beautiful items you create. I’m so happy to have some of those pieces in my home. Each morning I scoop my coffee with a HG spoon, then scoop my sugar with another (one of my favorite pieces) HG little spoon. Here is too many more years of HG. Always so beautifully styled. Congrats!

  233. Susan says:

    Happy birthday. Your items are so beautiful – I just love your shop.

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    happy happy birthday from little singapore! what a beautiful journey for a father and daughter, and what beautiful hand crafted work. may you both continue to be this blessed in the years to come.

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    Happy holidays and happy birthday! Keep up the great work!

  244. Andrea says:

    Four years is a great achievement in internet years. Congrats!

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    four years of beauty and inspiration! such a great team you two are. many congrats and i can’t wait to see where the next four years take you.

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    happy super duper dyn-O-mite birthday!!!!!
    blissful cheers to you!!!!!

  247. kathy says:

    Congratulations! Here’s to another happy 4 years.

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    Happy birthday! Love the shop. Have my fingers crossed I’ll have the opportunity to challenge myself to make a cake beautiful enough to stand on that pedestal!

  249. Gabrielle Sloan says:

    Congratulations on four years of sharing your talents and passions with us all. We are the lucky ones!

  250. Andreia says:


    I love your shop and I’d love to have one HG piece. That large magnificient pedestal would fit perfectly our family of six needs. We don’t have any and yours is simply adorable!

    Thanks for this chance and more important than this, thanks for working together you both (father and daughter) to bring such beauty to the world!

    Happy Holidays and a big hug from Portugal

  251. Julie says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place one wooden bowl, pedestal and rolling pin at a time.

  252. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your photography!

  253. Bonnie Mieth says:

    Sending warm Birthday Wishes!! Your work is beautiful and always inspires me to try a new recipe and my cloud cookie cutter holds a special place in my heart. :-) Wishing you all the best!!

  254. Steph Cruz says:

    Happy birthday! And best wishes for many more!

  255. Carleigh says:

    Congratulations on 4 years! Hard work truly pays off and it shows in your beautiful creations. Happy Holidays!

  256. I HOPE I WIN! That pedestal is magnificent! (Just in case it wasn’t apparent, this is my entry into the giveaway. :) )

  257. Jenn Rose says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday! Nothing more beautiful than a daughter/father artistic collaboration!

    Love your work, keep on inspiring us!

    xx- Jenn

  258. Leanne says:

    Happy Fourth! Thanks for making my day when I open your site! Keep on doing what you do! Cheers

  259. Brittany says:

    Happy birthday HG!! Thank you for the love and craftsmanship that goes in to everything you make. It’s beautiful and inspirational! xo

  260. Beth says:

    Your work is so exquisite and quiet. Thank you both for sharing your work. From one maker (and half Canadian!) to another, happy birthday. “And many more…” <3

  261. wendy d says:

    I love my cloud cookie cutter and it has created memories that will hopefully pass down through the generations, as I’m sure working with your dad has done for you. :)
    Thanks for sharing your photos, creations and family with us all!

  262. Alison says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your photos – so beautiful and thoughtful!

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    Ooohhhh goody! Congratulations on turning four! It’s no wonder you are still around with the beautiful wares you and your dad make! Saw your home in Covet Garden! Love your style :)

  266. Kathleen says:

    Cheers on your 4th anniversary!

  267. Kate says:

    Congratulations! So inspiring!

  268. Juliet says:

    Your words and pictures are always lovely. The video too. Thank you!

  269. Four years! Congratulations!

  270. clara says:

    Congratulations on 4 Wonderful years of creating together!

  271. Eliza Eddy says:

    Happy Birthday! I cannot remember exactly how I learned of your and your dad’s beautiful work four years ago. But so so glad I did. Your collaboration is gorgeous. Eliza

  272. Lauren says:

    I just discovered your website recently, and I love all of your beautiful creations. Happy birthday and happy holidays!

  273. Ginger G says:

    … HBDay on your 4th! So enjoy looking at your beautiful website and products – thank you!

  274. Kimmer says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! Congrats and cheers to many more years to come!

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    Happy Birthday! Such a wonderful site and such beautiful work.

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    Happy birthday from Argentina!!!
    you make wonderful things !!!!
    lovely photo styling

  277. Heidi says:

    Congratulations – not surprising considering how lovely your products are! Keep it up!

  278. Anna says:

    Congratulations on the success of HG! I have given gifts, but never (yet) treated myself. It’s always so nice to see these beautiful handmade things when you update the shop!

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    Happy Birthday! Thank you for making such lovely and useful things.

  280. Lucia Dorado says:

    Ok, this is going to be a tough competition!
    The prize is just the most amazing. And we all love you work!

    You are amazin HG. Thank you for sharing with us so much of your world!

    And bring those cloud cookie cutters back, please ;)


  281. Shelley Goforth says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you! Your work is amazing…

  282. Francie says:

    How wonderful to do what gives you and your friends so much joy. Congratulations for your past and best wishes for your future.

  283. Julia says:

    Big congratulations on your day! You are such an inspiration, not just because you make stunningly beautiful things, but also for your graceful (pun kind-a intented…) attitude to making and creating them. So a big thank you!

  284. Kristen says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for sharing such beautiful things :)

  285. Gail K says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy HG! there is nothing close to me that offers the quality and beauty of your products. so the pedestal would be set out and used with pride in this country home:)

  286. Margot says:

    Congratulations on the success of HG! Your shop and everything you make is so beautiful.

  287. Happy Birthday ya’ll! Love so much what you do! That cake stand is on my dream wish list…as is everything else in your shop. Love my feather cookie cutter!

  288. Celia says:

    Love your beautiful products! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  289. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday! All of your products are so beautiful…thank you for this chance.

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    You make the most lovely items.


  291. Dale Smith says:

    Happy birthday. Wow, look at all those comments: well deserved praise for your amazing products.

  292. lily says:

    congratulations! here’s to more wonderful years! this is one of my absolute favorite corners of the internet.

  293. Terry says:

    Happy Birthday! Love to look at all your beautiful stuff and maybe I’ll have some some day!

  294. Gabrielle Dorn says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats! :)

  295. Jen says:

    Happy 4th Birthday, HG!

  296. Alison says:

    Happy Birthday!!! (and Merry Christmas too!)
    I absolutely love your products, I have a rolling pin, cheese plate, and the cloud cookie cutter and I would love to post photos of your work in my apartment but the photos would never look as good as they do on your site! Happy Birthday and many many more!!

  297. Katie says:

    It has been so inspiring watching HG grow. I would LOVE that pedestal; it’s such an amazing giveaway. Congrats on your milestone!

    xx from Halifax.

  298. LeighMI says:

    Happy Birthday! Everything you make is beautiful!

  299. Lori Hamilton says:

    Congratulations on 4 years of success in a world that moves too fast and oftentimes ignores the beauty of those precious objects made by hand. As a potter I feel so strongly the value of working with one’s hands and the joy of wallowing in the process of creation. It is something I hope I am passing on to my daughter, who is only slightly younger than you are!

    Your talents and philosophy are the best heirlooms you could ever pass on.

    Happy Birthday!
    Lori Hamilton

  300. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, dear Herriott Grace.
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Here’s to four fabulous years and to bringing beauty to life :)

  301. Joyeux anniversaireº°º°°°°°!!!!

  302. Richard Hernandez says:

    Happy birthday! I discovered Herriot Grace through Kinfolk magazine, and was inspired by the amazing video of you and your father and the beautiful things you make together. I love the care and quality you put into everything you do.

  303. ruth says:

    happy birthday!!

  304. Teresa says:

    Tenéis una tienda maravillosa, me encanta vuestro blog y el vídeo que habéis realizado. Todo es precioso, en particular todo lo de madera. Muchas Felicidades desde Barcelona!!

  305. Happy Birthday!

    My Husband and I love your Father’s work, the video you made was simple inspiring! We ourselves are into woodworking, making kitchen tables, night stands, headboards, cutting boards, wooden spoons and toys for our nieces and nephews. The video and your work has truly inspired us to dive deeper into carving and building! Keep making beautiful things and enjoying life!

    Merry Christmas from the North Shore of MA.

    The Ytzen-Handels

  306. SJ says:

    Well done on seeing the fruits of your hard work.

    Do you have a recipe for the cake on the stand?

  307. Norma says:

    Congratulations! Your work is lovely and wonderful. I’m really so happy for HG.

  308. Stacey says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I have a December birthday too, so I especially love this time of year and that pedestal!

  309. Sarah says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary! I discovered your site only recently, but am so glad I did. Everything you present is beautiful. Thanks and enjoy the birthday celebrations!

  310. Blair says:

    Congratulations and happy 4th! You’re work is absolutely beautiful. I hope you continue to remain inspired and full of joy. I love that your work speaks to heritage and family, and that your pieces help people make and share moments with those they love. All the best to you and yours!

  311. Hilary says:

    Happy happy birthday! I only started following your exquisite blog (and drooling over your beautiful shop) this year, but I swoon everytime there’s something new to see.
    Frühliche Geburtstag!

  312. Krista says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday! Love reading your blog!

  313. Zara says:

    Happy Birthday! Your pieces are gorgeous so it makes me happy that you are doing so well!

  314. mardi says:

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!!

  315. Lisa says:

    congratulations on 4 years! such lovely work!

  316. Jen Ritchie says:

    a very happy birthday!!! Love your stuff!

  317. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday to you! What a beautiful cake pedestal.

  318. Nicole says:

    Congratulations on year four! Best wishes for many, many more years of lovely product.

  319. Marty F. says:

    Wishing you many more birthdays!

  320. debra says:

    love you esthetic and the beautiful collection of handcrafted ware you sell.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

  321. alice says:

    happy fourth!! your work is always a huge source of inspiration.

  322. Janet says:

    Congratulations on turning 4! You bring great joy to so many.

  323. Nancy Runnings says:

    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary. It is truly inspiring to see someone pursue their passion and I applaude your courage! Hopefully there will be many more years and much success!

  324. Lillian says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! I love what you do … making such beautiful objects and sending them out into the world.
    Congratulations on four years and counting.

  325. Julie Weiss says:

    Thank you for your beautiful pieces!

  326. Jennifer says:

    Holiday Blessings to you and continued success! Love love love your products.

  327. Gayle says:

    I have been following your gorgeous work for a year or so. Absolutely beautiful!

  328. Vicki says:

    Happy Birthday!

  329. Lauren Harris says:

    That pedestal is beautiful! Well, everything is beautiful and so simple. I love it.

  330. Angelica King says:

    Congratulations! Your website and wares are beautiful!Lots more success to you guys!

  331. Sophie says:

    Congratulations on turning 4! I’m so glad your gifts and talents are on offer for us to enjoy. You are one of my favorite artisans!

  332. Ann M. Tubbs says:

    Congratulations! and thanks for celebrating good craftsmanship and beauty!

  333. Anne says:

    Beautiful work & a very happy birthday to HG!

  334. Nikoll says:

    Congratulations! Love your work. Best wishes.

  335. Judy says:

    Such a delight to see your email in my box, brings a smile to my face knowing I get to look at your beautiful things –
    thank you

  336. Paula says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you many more years of health, happiness and beautiful craftsmanship!

  337. Kate Herzberg says:

    Congratulations to a beautiful father and daughter team. I treasure the things you’ve created- small pieces of beauty, exquisite and perfect, because they’re made and marketed with love and care.

  338. Erika Munro says:

    Happy Birthday! Your work is incredibly beautiful and a very singular voice in the sometimes over exposed “DIY” world! I only wish every time I bought gifts for friends and family I could gift myself half your store! Your dad’s beard is also SPECTACULAR! Cheers!

  339. hannah says:

    happy birthday + happy holidays! i love visiting your website. your products are great, but i also enjoy that this is a collaboration between father + daughter :)

  340. Courtney says:

    Happy birthday! My birthday is next week – I think this is a very nice time of year for a birthday. :) Thank you so much for all of the good and beautiful work you do.

  341. Thea says:

    Congratulations on 4 years and the many years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  342. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday! A giveaway sounds nice, I love about everything in your shop.

  343. Casey says:

    Happy 4th! All your items are beautiful!

  344. Anne says:

    Congratulations and happy birthday! You’ve created a beautiful shop and should be so very proud!

  345. Brittni says:

    Congrats on turning four. I’ve been eyeing one of your pedestals for so long and I would be thrilled to win this. P.S. Can’t wait for the cloud cookie cutters to come back. I keep missing those when they’re in stock.

  346. Kris says:

    So amazingly beautiful! Happy Birthday, my dears!

  347. Erika says:

    You do such beautiful work and you can really feel the ‘presence’ of your pieces (the great photography could have something to do with it too :) Happy birthday (and many more!)

  348. Lois says:

    Based on the above posts, I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting picked in your random drawing but I gotta say, I look forward to looking at this website and reading the blog. The recipes are wonderful. It’s all about the love for the work you do. It shows in every grain of wood, every pie pan, every decoration, every photo. I just love it all!

  349. Emma says:

    Happy Birthday!! Am continually inspired by your site and what you do. Thanks for keeping at it. :) Best wishes!

  350. Brittany Mello says:

    I found your shop randomly when I stumbled upon the video you made and thought that was pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Congratulations for four years!

  351. Aila says:

    The wood work is just amazing. the simplicity of it all and the choice of wood pieces are really determining factors in making amazingly beautiful pieces, and you do just that. I also love the wares and such that you also display with a lot of grace and simplicity.
    Thank you.

  352. jenny says:

    happy birthday hg :D here’s to more years of continued success! cheers!

  353. Lilith Wyatt says:

    Congratulations on four years of beauty, grace and inspiration! xo L

  354. Molly says:

    Hip-hip-hooray! Keep the traditions going strong. Your artisan pieces will be adored for lifetimes to come. Such craftsmanship and beauty. Thank you.

  355. Dana Averie says:

    Happy Happy Birthday. Visiting your site is akin to a 30 minute meditation. Thank you for doing what you do. It makes our world a better place. Peace and prosperity to you and yours.

  356. Josephine says:

    I’ve been admiring your work and aesthetic ever since stumbling upon it a few years back. Happy birthday!

  357. Kristofer says:

    My wife and I (especially my wife) have long coveted your fine wares. I guess it’s been four years now. Keep up the tremendously beautiful good work!

  358. Lesley L says:

    I adore everything on your site, the craftsman and imagination is so unique! Thank you for starting such a beautiful business and congratulations on 4 years!!

  359. Kelly E. says:

    Happy, happy birthday to HG! Your work is stunning! Thank you for the chance to win.

  360. Sophia says:

    I truly admire all that you have done, here at Herriott Grace, lovingly crafting such beautiful pieces out of wood, that speak so gently. Congratulations on this fourth birthday, I hope things only continue to grow for you!

  361. Lindley says:

    Happiest of birthdays! I love this story behind this shop and the crafts you create!

  362. Many congratulations on your fourth! Thank you both for your truly inspiring work. XO, P.

  363. Susan says:

    A belated happy birthday to Herriott Grace.

  364. Diane says:

    Too cool! The giveaway date is my birthday! Happy birthday and best wishes and blessings for many more! Love visiting!

  365. Jessica says:

    Love your beautiful work! I’ve given it to my family over the years. Together we have a nice little collection!

  366. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! Lovely things, as always.

  367. Kirsten LaBine says:

    Happiest of birthdays HG!! It’s a great delight to watch your company grow. Your pieces are exquisite!

  368. MaryAnne says:

    You make the simple things in life look so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me every time I view your website!

  369. Julia says:

    I’ve had my cloud cookie cutter bringing me joy for a few years! My friend is dying for one! – your work is so amazing. Love all of it. Congrats on your success – happy 4th!

  370. Martha says:

    Congratulations! It’s rather inspirational to see what you’ve done with 4 years. Here’s to the next 4+!

  371. Virginia says:

    I love the beautiful things you create out of nature! Can’t wait to get the rolling pin you made and to use it!
    Happy Birthday!

  372. Melissa miller says:

    Oh how I adore your shop! I drool over everything each time you restock. Hope I win!!

  373. Jackie Baisa says:

    I’ve loved everything I’ve bought from you. You guys are top-notch. Congratulations on turning 4! May you have many more years in business! :) :)

  374. Happiest of birthday wishes, Nikole and Lance! How very, very exciting!

  375. Kate says:

    My ice cream cone roller came in the post yesterday, pictures don’t doit justice. It is a true work of art and is so,pleasing to the touch.

  376. Alexa says:

    Gorgeous photos, and happy 4th birthday! I just adore your shop! Fingers super crossed!

  377. Tiffany zandi says:

    Love your shop! Have you ever considered making candle sticks.

  378. Daniela says:

    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Herriott Grace. Happy birthday to you!

  379. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday! Your work is beautiful! Truly special! Wishing you many more years of happiness and success.

  380. Happy birthday! Four years of making the most beautiful objects on the internet or anywhere! Here’s to four more years!

  381. Anna McClurg says:

    Happy Birthday!! You have the most lovely shop!

  382. David says:

    Happy! Happy! To many, many more!

  383. Miro says:

    Congratulations! Your work is so lovely!

  384. Liz Wolfe says:

    I only just discovered you – through another site. I love the sheer simplicity and craftsmanship -
    what an awesome business to be working with your father.

  385. Ines says:

    Congratulations! I love your store, the items are so unique. Thank you.

  386. anne says:

    congratulations!!! what beautiful things!

  387. Cindy C says:

    This has been one of the best ‘stumbled upon’ sites thus far for me. Happy 4th Birthday! Wishing you many more years of inspiration and creativity.

  388. Tiff says:

    Congrats, Nikole and Lance! Here’s to another four wonderful years of Herriott Grace. I love your pieces, your style and your spirit. Glad to know you in real life and to be an online supporter. =)

  389. Jennifer says:

    Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday! Love your work and I give your work as gifts every chance that I get!

  390. Loren McCraney says:

    Congratulations on four years! What an amazing accomplishment, and no wonder…everything you make is such high quality handmade love. I admire the way you do business and your quality standards, and would be honored to own the cake pedestal for my daughter’s handmade wedding. Don’t ever change!

  391. lauren michele says:

    happy birthday and what a lovely giveaway! i have to say you’re a large part of my inspiration in planning to open my own shop (hopefully by spring)!

  392. Alice says:

    Happy Birthday! Your work, your father’s work, and Michael’s work all mesh together so beautifully, and the mentality behind all of it is exactly what I aspire to in my own surroundings. Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  393. Laura Dempsey says:

    Congrats! I am always so inspired by your story, your work, and your photographs. All the best in your 4th year.

  394. anna says:

    Happy Holidays! Congratulations to you & your Dad! your blog inspires me so much and the beautiful things that you have to share with us.

  395. Jessica says:

    Your story as an entrepreneur and your father’s amazing craftsmanship is truly inspiring. Congrats on the four years. I’ve admired your products from the day I saw your blog and I can’t wait for the day that I actually get to own one!


  396. Emily C says:

    Congratulations and happy holidays!

  397. Dorrie says:

    Happy Birthday Herriot Grace! I’ve followed you from the beginning and love that you are a father&daugher team. My father was a carpenter and the things he made for me are a treasure. Congratulations to all.

  398. Sue S says:

    Happy Birthday, and I wish you many more. It is delightful to see the beautiful craftsmanship in your products. I hope you have as much joy in creating these items as we all have viewing and using them.

  399. Charlyn says:

    Happy, happy 4th, dear N!

    Looking forward to seeing you more in the New Year!
    Happy Hols!

  400. Carla says:

    As a potter the individuality of your wood turned work is inspirational. Thank you for your inspiring business model, and spirit as well. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

  401. Happy Birthday HG!

    Congrats to you and your Dad.

  402. Jen Y says:

    Congratulations!!! It’s such a joy to see all the wonderful creations you come up with – here’s to many more years of wonderful delights! Happy 4th birthday!

  403. janeray1940 says:

    Congratulations, and here’s to many more years of making and sharing your lovely products with us!

  404. Emily Bell says:

    Happy Birthday! This might be my first year following you and adoring your shop, but it feels like it’s been forever. I hope there are many more years of beautiful photos and objects to come!

    I pass the link to your shop on to everyone I know.

    Emily B.

  405. Jen Hsieh says:

    Happy Birthday! And congratulations on four years! I’m an avid admirer of the work, both the beautiful pieces and stunning photography. It’s inspiring. Wish you many more years of success!

  406. marsha says:

    Happy Birthday.

    Such a beautiful site.

    Love it all, especially because it is comes from the heart and is made by hand.

  407. Batixa says:

    UAU!!! Congratulations and keep the excellent work!
    I love everything you do!

  408. Happy, happy birthday… simple, so beautiful, so classic, so forever, all that you are. Love it all, you are doing the RIGHT work.

  409. Abby W. says:

    LOVE YOUR STUFF! What a huge milestone to reach the big FOUR! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

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    I dream of possessing a cake pedestal as magnificent as this. Everything Herriott Grace is lovely. Congratulations and happy birthday. Your success is so very well deserved.

  411. paula says:


  412. Samantha K. says:

    I absolutely love looking at all the wonderful items that you have made. They are truly gorgeous!

  413. Martina says:

    Congratulations and also Happy Holidays! I love your father’s work it reminds me my home country and people in small villages who knew how to work with wood … All the best HG!!!

  414. joy says:

    happy 4! i’ve loved watching you grow and flourish over the last 4 years and so amazed by your talents!

  415. Joyce says:

    Congratulations! When I have a rough day, a visit to your site always helps shake the blues away. It’s been inspiring to watch your business and your following grow. I’ve been obsessed from the beginning. Can’t wait to see how HG evolves. All the best!

  416. JILL says:

    CONGRATULATIONS & Happy Happy Birthday HG! You make the world a more beautiful place and I am so inspired by what you do. That pedestal is a thing of beauty and would remain with me at all times if I become the owner. :) Thanks for all!

  417. Melanie says:

    Sending warm wishes for another wonderful year. HG is a wonderful shoppe, it never ceases to amaze and inspire. Happy Birthday!!!!

  418. Jessica W says:

    Congratulations on 4 years, I hope you succeed for many more to come. You create beautiful things that people can cherish for years to come.

  419. Lisa Adams says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! It would be great if the fourth anniversary was represented by wood….oh I just looked, it is the 5th! Congratulations al the same!

  420. Dana says:

    Happy Birthday!! I am awaiting my very first order of your beautiful handcrafted products =) Congrats on 4 years!

  421. Melanie M. says:

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  422. Lauren says:

    You’re incredible. Congratulations and here’s to many wonderful years to come.

  423. Tara Fehertoi says:

    Happy 4th Birthday HG! I’ve been following you from the very beginning and love spreading your story. The craftsmanship and love that goes into all your products is beautiful. My Secret Santa and Birthday lists always has something from your shop! All the best to you both. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

  424. kr ryan says:

    hbd, HG! so happy to follow your world from when you were wee—-wishing you blessings and continued happiness and success for many, many more :) best wishes, KRR

  425. Dana says:

    I covet your lovely pedestals…
    Happy Bithday!

  426. Heidi says:

    Thanks for four years of lovely objects, pictures and text. It’s nice to see how much you’ve grown.

  427. What a gift to work as a team together..Congratulations on making beautiful products that bring JOY to all..

  428. Ashley says:

    Happy Birthday! What you do is truly inspiring. A business built on love for one another. So Sweet.

  429. Kendall W. says:

    Happy Birthday HG. Your story is inspirational in so many different ways. Congratulations on four years!!

  430. Danielle says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! <3

  431. Ana says:

    Adore your beautiful hand-crafted items.

  432. sara kristen says:

    congrats to you and your father, Nikole. such a wonderful celebration! thank you for doing what you do.

    warmest wishes to you & yours for a wonderful holiday season.


  433. Alice2 says:

    Congratulations on the past 4 years. What a lovely and inspiring project you have created.

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    best wishes to you! – and congrats!!! -

  436. Carla says:

    Love to see a father and daughter team that is successful and so talented.
    Happy birthday, save me a slice of cake!

  437. Jillian S. says:

    Any cake I make would look even more delcious on one of your cake stands. Happy Anniversary!

  438. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday, HG!
    Loved your short film earlier this year. And of course love our small pedestal (complete with knot hole, too).

  439. we’ve only met, however i do feel as though i know you:) and can’t wait to get to know you more. thank you for inspiring us all…
    pauline x

  440. Janine Andrew says:

    Happy Birthday – and thank you for the lovely things you create. It’s wonderful to see and enjoy finely made items.

  441. amy rose says:

    happy birthday- you two are so cute! i love that you are a father-daughter team.

  442. Alexa F. says:

    Congrats! I’m amazed at how fast some years seem to pass.

  443. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday! Beautiful pieces, beautiful photos, beautiful message, thank you for sharing them all. -M

  444. Ama Wertz says:

    It’s been an inspiration to watch your business grow and develop over the years. And with your dad! Happy birthday.

  445. sarah says:

    congratulations! many more years of success to you!

  446. WendyG says:

    Beautiful products and story. Happy b-day .. and congrats on your success. =)

  447. wendy says:

    happy 4th birthday to probably the most beautiful styling and products ever. you might be wee in size but you more than make up for that in the beauty you create. thank you.

  448. alexandria says:

    Happy, Wonderful 4th Birthday HG! Thank you for all you share and create. Cheers!

  449. Lauren says:

    Bonne fete HG! It’s been lovely to have found your shop, truly inspiring!

  450. I’m obsessed with your site. I’m also obsessed with carved wood and pedestals. I look at your site for relaxation before I start working. Thank you so much for bringing true luxury back! Happy Birthday and I hope I win. The cake stand is spectacular.

  451. Stacy says:

    To Nikole, my newfound friend, and to Lance (I adore you!) — Happy 4th Birthday and CHEERS to our parallel universe. xx

  452. Jeannette says:

    Happy 4th Birthday HG! Your products are as beautiful as they are inspiring! Congratulations!

  453. Esther says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on four years! Your cloud cookie cutter is still my favorite of those I own. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  454. Jill C. says:

    Happy 4th! All of the items in your shop are just so lovely and special – thanks for making such beautiful things!

  455. Amy Glover says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! Every lovely item in your shop is a masterpiece. Besides that, how wonderful to work with your dad!

  456. Ruth says:

    Congratulations and Happy 4th! In a world of plastics and bulk manufacturing, it is great to have beautiful, hand-crafted natural products available. Thank you for keeping things real.

  457. Gigi Coe says:

    I come from a family of wood workers and wood hoarders. My memories are of my grandfather, great uncles, uncle, and father puttering at their workbench on dark winter days, prowling their stacks of precious woods – cedar, ebony, arbutus, and so much more – just to find the right piece for a guitar inlay or the perfect shim. Your website and your father remind me of these beloved people. I love your sensibility and the the work you do and hungrily check each update! And the photos are fantastic. Your success is so well deserved and I wish you sustainable growth for many more years.

  458. Lynne Berry says:

    Well congrats on the four wonderful years. What an honor it must be to work along side your father. That is priceless. I am totally obsessed with wood. Totally, totally love your unique pieces. I can only hope that I would be so luck as to win a piece of your work. I am hoping that I do : ) Best of luck to you in the future.

  459. jeni says:

    4 you both – continued success & growth & harmony – 4 ever HG

  460. Lisa says:

    Brilliant work.

  461. Jen says:

    Congrats, Nikole, to you and your dad! xoxo

  462. Becca says:

    How exciting! Congratulations on 4 years.

  463. Kathy says:

    what an exciting adventure…love your site and I love my feather and cloud cookie cutters
    thank you

  464. Yoshiko says:

    I just adore all your handmade pieces! So perfect!

  465. Meagan says:

    Happiest of birthdays to Harriot Grace! You are just one of my favorite endeavors of all time, and I look forward to many more years of being a loyal customer.

  466. Mary says:

    Congrats! I love your shop!

  467. Kathryn says:

    Here’s to another 4 years (at the very least)! I love my feather cookie cutter and use it all the time.

  468. Sheri Reed says:

    happy birthday! 4!!!! would die a million deaths for one of these beauties.

  469. Sharon Gresh says:

    I love everything about your wee world. Your objects, your sensibility, your styling, the photography, you + your dad. Happy birthday! and many, many more!

  470. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday!

  471. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday, such a wonderful collaboration between you and your dad. Just love that picture of the two of you. Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

  472. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday. I really love what HG does and how it does it. Keep up the beautiful work.

  473. Bobbi says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope there are many more to come.
    That is one inspiring cake and candle!

  474. julianna says:

    Congratulations ! I love your beautiful store. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  475. Luiza says:

    Congratulations! I have a small business myself and it’s wonderful to see other small businesses flourish.
    Thank you for the beautiful art pieces you make. Your pieces are a true celebration of craftsmanship, excellence and passion for your work. Thank you for that.


  476. sarahkeith says:

    Such beautiful things. I am a big fan!

  477. Congrats on your four years! I recently discovered your shop and blog and love that it is a father daughter shop. What a special venture to share with your dad!

  478. Karen says:

    Such beautiful work….I love wood and these are handcrafted heirlooms from a special workshop XKaren

  479. Susan says:

    Congratulations on four years of amazing craftsmanship and sharing.
    I consider your site a touchstone; it reminds me of what really matters to me and encourages me to share, to feel, to touch and to stop and enjoy the beauty of well crafted simplicity. You are one of my favourite stops and shops when I need to remind myself of how much I love a home cooked meal, a celebration of family and friends and the warmth that natural elements bring to those unions.

    Congrats! and Thank you.
    May the future continue to reward your efforts and bless you for your contributions,

  480. Cristina says:

    Happy Birthday to HG! Love your site and the beautiful items in your store. Happy Holidays to you!!

  481. Erica says:

    Congratulations on four wonderful years! I cherish my HG cookie cutters.

  482. Katie Acornley says:

    Happy Birthday! I stumbled upon Herriott Grace by accident and now love receiving your emails. Your craftsmanship,spirit and photographs are so beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations!


  483. Congratulations to you!! You have accomplished so much in these four years and I have to admit, I do have a crush on everything that you do. Looking forward to what life brings you these next years.

  484. Andrea Wang says:

    Your shop, your writing — you — are delightful! Congratulations on 4, well-deserved years. Can’t wait to see what’s next in store.

  485. amanda says:

    yay! congrats and happy birthday! it’s so exciting when small but passionate group can succeed (especially a family group). i love your pieces, especially the pedestals and stirring spoons. here’s looking forward to the next four years! : )

  486. Clare says:

    Dear Herriott Grace, happiest of birthdays to you (and many more to come!). Congratulations to a wonderful venture.

  487. Gabriela says:

    Woo Hoo! Happy 4th! I love all of the beautiful cakes you make and display on your fathers work. What a great collaboration of the things you both love! Congrats!

  488. Congratulations on your 4th. I love your products and hope to wish every single item one day! My birthday is on the 20th and this would be a fabulous surprise!

  489. Denise says:

    I first found Herriott Grace in a magazine and have since bought a charcouterie board and dessert plates. Always look forward to the “we are updating” notices! I wish I was a little quicker on the purchase button as I have missed out on so many exceptional pieces. My favourite Canadian site by far!!

  490. Happy birthday! Your creations are a wonderful addition to this world. Thank you for sharing them!

  491. Nicole says:

    SUCH a great accomplishment. Happy Birthday, love those pedestals!

  492. Jing says:

    Happy 4th Birthday, HG! Here’s to many many many more years!

  493. Mildred Villalobos says:

    Felicidades!!! i adore all the beautiful objects you guys create including the photography and styling. I wish your partnership many more years of success .

  494. Leanne says:

    Congrats!!! I’ve recently discovered HG and I absolutely love it!! The beauty in which you create is truly inspiring.

  495. Paulina says:

    Happy Birthday HG! :) I love that you do this with your father, it’s really so sweet.

  496. Lizzy says:

    Happy birthday! I treasure my Herriott Grace bowl!

  497. Chris Maier says:

    Your admirable attention to detail shines through in every corner of your site, your photos, and every frame of the video. A collaboration born from love, for sure. Savor it!

  498. Anna says:

    Happy birthday, HG! Thank you for creating objects of beauty. The world needs more beauty in it!

  499. Hillary says:

    Oh Happy Day!!! HBD! Everything looks gorgeous! <3

  500. Happy 4th Birthday!! Gosh, this would be amazing to win!

  501. penny nelson says:

    Your products are so, well, meaningful and useful. Congratulations on your success.

  502. Catherine says:

    Happy Birthday – I love, love, love your work!

  503. Inspiring! Congratulations and kind wishes from the Sunshine Coast, BC.

  504. Nansy says:

    Congratulations on 4 years! I first was exposed to HG by an article in Gourmet magazine. The sensability of your work is very much in line with my own and I have loved all the pieces that I have purchased since. I also want to compliment you on the display and photography of your work. It is beautifully done and a feast for the eyes! May you have many more wonderful years creating hand made beautiful things that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas to all!

  505. Sara says:

    dear wooden pedestal,
    you’re so pretty. won’t you come sit next to the blue fruit bowl and little red vase on my countertop? i’ll bake you a cake if you like. or two.

  506. Phoebe says:

    Happy day! What a lovely giveaway, your items are always so beautiful.

  507. helen says:

    Congrats on the 4 years, you have a wonderful shop!

  508. Allison says:

    You create such gorgeous, intentional pieces…I so appreciate your story, aesthetic vision, & craftsmanship.
    Congratulations on 4 years!

  509. Veronica says:

    Happy happy birthday! You and your blog and company are such an inspiration to me. I have been following you since I too was in college, four years ago, and your words and images have always stuck with me over the years. It’s been a joy watching the beauty and aesthetic of the website develop. I often find myself thinking of your post about love, and not falling in love too early. So poetic.

  510. liz says:

    oh, i would be so beyond pleased to win that beautiful piece of art. you two are tremendously inspiring.
    thank you.

  511. Cathy says:

    You took Joseph Campbell’s advice to follow your bliss. Happy Birthday!

  512. Jeff says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays. From someone who understands what a labor of love this is. I look forward to many more years of astoundingly great things from HG. I look forward to the road head because I know HG will make the world a better place one item at a time. Someday when I finally get fed up with rat race I hope to do something similar with my pottery. Again Happy Birthday and keep on imagining a better tomorrow with your hand crafted workmanship.


  513. sarah says:

    happy holidays and congratulations on four years! i love your blog and your shop… such an inspiration. thank you!!

  514. Kira says:

    Beautiful. And what a charming team this family makes!

  515. Love your work and the blog! I would be honored to win one of your pieces! Here’s to many more years of success to come!

  516. Kelly says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! I love EVERYTHING you make and would love to add this pedestal to my collection. GORGEOUS :)

  517. Ish says:

    I stumbled across your website one day by chance and I’m so glad I did. One day I’ll even be quick enough off the mark to snaffle up one of your ice-cream cone shapers!

  518. Elise says:

    Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost…
    I have found one…
    herriott grace

    cheers on more beautiful years to come!


  519. Julia says:

    Oh Nikole! I´m so happy for you, four years and it keeps getting better and better. It´s actually great that you´ve kept it small, it makes it even more special. I see beautiful things happening for you two in the future, and so well deserved it is*

  520. Amelia says:

    Happy Birthday! It makes me feel great to see small businesses grow as beautifully as you have. To many more birthdays to come!

  521. Hello Harriot Grace
    Happy Birthday!
    Your special works of art always fascinates me and it is extremely desirable.
    However,I have not yet been lucky and quick enough to purchase your crafts.
    I am looking forward to seeing your lovely things for a long time to come.
    Christmas greetings to you all and thank you for your blog.

  522. tomoko says:

    many many congratulations from a big fan of your everything~

  523. Far says:

    I’ve been following your blog for years, and I can’t believe you’re already 4! Congratulations. :)

  524. beth bates says:

    LOVE this site….Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy many more years of success.

  525. Emily Morton says:

    What a beautiful pedestal! It would look quite nice in this recent college grad’s first ever apartment of her own!

  526. Eva Kosmas says:

    Congratulations!!! I love all of your wood works, they’re simply stunning!

  527. Kimberly says:

    Congrats on 4 years! Can’t wait to see all the lovely additions during the next 4. :-)

  528. Colleen K says:

    Happy birthday, HG!! {We continue to enjoy our pieces purchased from you 2 Christmas’ ago, as I’m sure all of your other customers!} Here’s to many more fabulous birthdays!

  529. Sara Hirsch says:

    May your holiday time, whatever you celebrate, be filled with light and the promise of the new season of growth. I see connections made through your products that fill me with hope that our mutual love of life will protect the planet and let my children’s children thrive. Knowing that my statement sounded so big I note that the tiniest of steps are made from care.

  530. Diana says:

    Congratulations on 4 years! Your work inspires me so much–thank you for sharing it!

  531. Lois says:

    I love everything you make! Congrats!

  532. Ashley Eaton says:

    Yay! Congratulations! Y’all are so inspiring!

  533. Sherry says:

    Hello! Your work is always so soulful and inspiring. And what a team you make together. Happy anniversary, your fourth!

  534. cass culbard says:

    What a thrill it would be to inherit the pedestal by winning the draw! Everything at HG is beautiful!….such attention to detail and incredibly beautiful craftsmanship. A pleasure to meander through the site feeding one’s inner artist.
    My fingers are crossed.
    Happy Birthday and wishes for continuing success at Herriott Grace.

  535. Gesine says:

    Love you stuff! I always like things with a good background story. Wish you and your father all the best for the future! All the best from Germany!

  536. Justyna says:

    Love your style and your stuff! I wish I could afford more of it. Congratulations on 4 years!!!!

  537. Liz Cassidy says:

    This website makes me want to take up woodworking.

  538. Philipa says:

    Happy Fourth Birthday, HG! I have loved watching HG grow from a savings account for poetry, photography and recipes into the discerning style-maker that HG has become. The range of products is fabulously curated and your eye for detail exquisite. Each visit is a pleasure I savor. Best wishes for a future filled with creative moments, delicate beauty and the success that comes from following your passions. Cheers!

  539. Jenny says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations! Such beautiful photos, as always!

  540. jen says:

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more years to come!

  541. Colleen says:

    Congratulations on your 4th birthday…Thank you both for bringing such beauty into the world. I never tire of the smooth feel of the wood and how you bring out the grain of the wood in such loving detail with your craftsmanship and then also the gorgeous photos. A work of art in themselves.

    I am always drawn to buy everything on your site!

    All the best in 2013!

  542. mparker says:

    :::CONGRATULATIONS::: Your work is inspiring and your devotion to each other heart warming. Here’s to you!

  543. Bobbie in AK says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I dearly love my rolling pin and ice cream bowls. Thanks so much for a wonderful birthday

  544. Ash says:

    Happybirthday and congratulaition! Your store is beautiful! X

  545. Rachel says:

    Congratulations on such a beautiful 4 years!

  546. you guys are such an inspiration!!!
    happy birthday :)

  547. Laura says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations! Everything you make is exquisite! <3 <3

  548. Emily says:

    Happy birthday! Your work is truly inspiring.

  549. Barb Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all your products and plan to slowly acquire them-all the best to you in the future-Barb.

  550. Michaela says:

    I look at (and touch!) my tiny wooden salt bowl each morning (i keep my earrings in it on my bathroom counter) and it’s a lovely way to start the day. Happy Anniversary.

  551. Ellen L. says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the chance to win something so beautiful!

  552. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Hope this year is filled with more beautiful HG products and photos. xo

  553. Käthe says:

    How lovely. And it would be an honor to make a cake for that stand.

  554. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday HG , Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu! Congratulations and a big well done. How great it would be to win a wonderful HG product!

  555. Lisa says:

    Happy happy birthday to you, HG! Your products are beautiful and deserving of a lovely birthday. Thanks for the chance to win.

  556. rick says:

    congratulations nikole! having had a small shop before, i know it’s a big milestone. here’s to many more birthdays to come.

  557. Joey says:

    Happy birthday, HG*<:-). I covet your products very time they pop up in my email. Beautiful, and unique, I would be lucky to own a piece of your craftsmanship!

  558. Azusa says:

    Happy 4th! I’ve been a long-time admirer of your work. Congratulations to you both!

  559. Martha says:

    Happy Birthday!! May you have many, many more! :)

  560. Mary E McDonald says:

    Congratulations and keep up the great work. I love your “stuff”!

  561. Keri Korteling says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations! My birthday is also in November, and sometimes it just speeds right by me! I love my Herriott Grace salt bowl and have been coveting one of those beautiful stirring spoons for quite some time! The yew is absolutely gorgeous! (Recently I took my girls on a walk in the big trees in North Vancouver, and we learned how to identify a yew!)
    All the best for the new year and beyond!

  562. Iris says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m an absolute fan of your pieces. It’s so nice to see work that is individual & unique

  563. Bailey says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to HG!! Wishing you many more to come. Cheers!

  564. amanda says:


  565. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on 4 wonderful years!! I love….love my pieces. Thank you so much for the cared and thoughfulness that goes into eat piece. I am trying to decide if I can part with a piece as a Christmas present….it will be a hard decision.

  566. Analisa says:

    Congratulations! I love your work and your aesthetic. I especially enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship and popup shops coming out of Toronto. Kinfolk is such a relaxing read and I love Mjolk. Any chance you might do a popup shop in LA? :)

  567. Leah D. says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! So inspired by your story and collaboration!

  568. Atelier Make says:

    Happy Birthday Herriott Grace.
    Such a pleasure to be making beautiful things together!
    xoxo Jaimie and Atelier Make

  569. Allison says:

    Happy Birthday! I absolutely adore your work. <3

  570. Lorraine says:

    I am so glad you decided to start the site four years ago!
    Hope you have many, many more birthdays.

  571. You’re four! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What a beautiful giveaway for a beautiful blog and shop – it always inspires me.

  572. marné says:

    I have been coveting your pedestals (along with everything else)since you first started. Happy 4th birthday!

  573. WSAKE says:

    how very wonderful! congratulations to this beautiful birthday you two! thank you for all the inspiring work, you´re awesome :)

  574. Diane says:

    Congrats! Thanks for being a shining example of slow and thoughtful in a very fast and furious world. Your work is sensational.

  575. Giovanna says:

    Happy Birthday! With many more years to come. So many beautiful things! Love the picture of you and your dad, it just makes you smile.

  576. Danielle says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Continuing to see both your accomplishments and amazing creations you share with us all is a daily gift. Keep moving forth and celebrate!

  577. Serena says:

    Happy Birthday! Everything is so lovely & inspiring…so happy to have found your shop!

  578. Karly K says:

    Happy Birthday HG! Keep up the inspiring work!

  579. Mel says:

    Happy Birthday! I first found you through your beautiful little short film. You’ve been an inspiration for me to someday start out on my own crafting things I love. My favorite quote from you:

    “Find something that you would do even if you weren’t being paid for it”

  580. Grace says:

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary/birthday! I have a cloud cookie cutter and hopefully I will add another HG tool to my kitchen.

  581. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday, HG! Every time I look at my bowls, I think about how we are all connected. The wood, the serendipitous finding of it, how it was “turned” to a different use, made its way to you and then my being lucky enough to snag the precious piece from your website. Thank you for all the little happenstances that brought the beauty to me! Merry Christmas, too!

  582. Giulietta Nicoletta says:

    Cheers! Hoping to treat myself to a beautiful HG piece soon!

  583. shawn anderson says:

    what a beautiful business product collection! cheers to four years!

  584. Andrea says:

    My father was a carpenter as well. I often have to think about him, when I look on your blog and shop. It’s very nice that you do this together, modern and back to the roots in the same way. Go on for many years.

  585. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! I purchased a rolling pin a couple of years ago and it is just beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to use.
    Congratulations, again.

  586. Shawn says:

    Happy Birthday! I sure wish I was celebrating with you so I could get a slice of that cake! :) Congratulations on your anniversary. It is a huge accomplishment, though nothing surprising since your products and blog are lovely! Best wishes on year 5!

  587. eliza says:

    wishing you a very happy holiday!

  588. Alyson says:

    I love the shop! Congrats on your first four, many more to come!

  589. Hanna says:

    Congrats on a creating a successful and creative business! Good luck through year 5!

  590. Cali says:

    Happy Birthday! I love watching your blog and shop throughout the year. Truly extraordinary.

  591. Ching Wu says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the beautiful works.

  592. Alicia says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Everything that you make is simply divine. Enjoy the birthday cake since it looks delicious!

  593. Natasha says:

    Happy birthday HG – to you, Nikole, and your father! You provide a wonderful niche in the marketplace and therein lies your success!! I wish you many more birthdays in the years ahead!
    I came upon you via Heidi Swanson’s site quite a while ago, and am proud to be a fellow Torontonian.
    The cake stand pictured above is absolutely gorgeous – beautiful craftsmanship, sensuous lines, a true heirloom for generations to come, and personally – I wish I could reach out and feel its smooth lines with my fingers. Stunning!

  594. Christina says:

    what a beautiful business you have! i’ve just recently discovered you and started following your blog, and LOVE it! happy birthday : )

  595. This company has been an inspiration to me since a friend shared your site with me a few years ago. As my boyfriend and I plan our future online shop, I frequently am reminded by your site that there is a market for carefully crafted goods presented beautifully.


  596. Derek says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday…been enjoying the things you have done. Looking forward to Four more years…

  597. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on hitting this milestone! How exciting!

  598. Caron Somers says:

    Happy 4th birthday HG, so happy for you – here’s to another brilliant year!!

  599. Shara says:

    Congratulations! Your work is extremely beautiful and I so enjoy your beautiful blog and photography!

  600. Julita says:

    You are amazing! Congradulations! Your photos are wonderful and oh my, the cake and the cake stand are sooo beautiful.

  601. Jen says:

    Happy 4th birthday! How lovely of you to celebrate with some giveaways. Congratulations on a successful four years!

  602. amanda says:

    happy 4th! And here’s to many more :)

  603. Carrie Hall says:

    Happy birthday to you!

  604. Amanda says:

    Congrats gang! I love my cloud cutter so keep the awesome trends coming.

  605. jenni g says:

    Congrats & happy birthday! I have loved your story from the beginning, and I am always telling people about you and your dad. My dad recently started to learn woodwork, and I hope that I can collaborate with him one day.

    Keep making your beautiful, unique work and such lovely photographs!

  606. Laura says:

    Stunning work! Congratulations on 4 years!
    Pick me for the pedestal, please!

  607. Rose says:

    Hi Nikole! You and your father have been such an inspiration to me. I absolutely adore your work and admire what you are doing. So much in fact that I learned to carve spoons because I wanted to make such beautiful things, too! I have to say though, my work isn’t quite as fine as your father’s!

  608. Laura says:

    What a gorgeous pedestal! Hope I’m lucky enough to win…
    Wow – 4 years! Hope the next 4 are even more amazing!

  609. Sandra says:

    Congratulations, happy birthday HG!!

  610. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday HG! Thank you for your inspiring photography and beautifully hand crafted work. It is a joy.

  611. carol lee says:

    happy birthday! your stuff is wonderful!

  612. Brittney says:

    Happy birthday! It has been so wonderful to see what you create! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway.

  613. Court Tan says:

    Happy Birthday, I am always so happy when I use your products, they bring amazing joy to simple tasks!

  614. Alison says:

    Congratulations on 4 years. I JUST discovered your shop and I am in LOVE with it! Love your products. Love that you work with your Dad (so cool!). Love that you are Canadian. Love your site styling….I could go on and on. Wishing you many more years of success!

  615. Kathy Byers says:

    Although you are only four, you are off and running like all good healthy toddlers!

  616. Lindsey says:

    Happy Birthday!. Your products are absolutely beautiful. It is so nice to see an amazing Canadian product! Wiahing HG a successful future.

  617. Amanda says:

    Love you wonderful people. Have been viewing your blog since the beginning. Happy Birthday!

  618. Aprile says:

    Happy 4th birthday, hope it’s been a lovely 4 years!
    It’s my birthday too this week : )

  619. Stephanie says:

    Happy birthday to you!!! Congratulations on four successful years!

  620. jules says:

    happy birthday! herriot grace has been on my mind lately, we are in nj, there are still so many trees down, every time i see logs and stumps, i wish there was a way to get them to lance. i know that he would make such beauty out of so much destruction. here’s to many more years of creating beauty!

  621. Kirsten says:

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen. That means Happy Birthday in danish. I am so happy that I got at link to your homepage in an magazine here in Denmark. I love your fathers work. It is so beauty full handcraft. The pictures you take is the dot over the i.
    Congratualations to HG

  622. Laurie says:

    Happy, happy 4th birthday! You and your father have made something very special together. He sees what the wood wants to become, burls and swirls and all. You see the beauty and it is evoked in your photos. Just loverly all the way around. Kudos!

  623. Lauren says:

    Congratulations to you both! What a wonderful accomplishment. I love your work, I love the site, can wait to see what’s next!
    All the best to you.

  624. Izy says:

    Happy birthday to HG and congrats! I love everything that you do, and I hope you keep it coming for many more years!

  625. Mona says:

    Greetings from Cairo!

  626. Nicole says:

    Happy Birthday to HG! It has been so fun watching the progress of your business over the years. Best of luck with continued growth and happiness.

  627. Dawn says:

    Always delighted to read your updates and to see what’s new in the shop. Congrats on 4 years! Happy Holidays as well to you and yours!

  628. Rowena says:

    Congratulations! hope there are many many many more years of beautiful hand crafting ahead! in this busy world where everything is hurried and fast it’s so nice to find people still making and creating things in a slow, thoughtful way.

  629. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Nikole!

    You and your work are one of the most gorgeous things on the world wide web.


  630. Nina says:

    Happy 4th birthday. I love the reverence for the raw material captured in your work.
    The beauty and simplicity you bring to life arrest our attention, compeling minute appreciation and deeper awareness ….much like a poem.

  631. Ashley Johnson says:

    It always makes my day brighter when one of your emails comes though.
    Wishing a myriad of magical birthday wishes.
    What you do with your Dad is truly heartwarming. Not to mention that I adore your product and attention to detail. It was so exciting to get my cloud cookie cutter in the mail, everything and every tiny thing about it is perfect. At the moment I keep it out as a piece of art, it was meant for a gift but I have not been able to part with it as of yet (and my favourite thing to do it give people presents so that says a lot).

    Thanks for being you.
    Lots of love & laughter,
    Ashley xo

  632. flo Volang says:

    Happy birthday!

  633. Paige says:

    Happy Birthday! Best wishes for many more to come!

  634. Eva says:

    Congratulations and happy, happy fourth birthday! It’s wonderful that you are here, both of you, Nicola and Lance! I wish you many more years together with you wonderful site and just so beautiful wooden treasures.
    Happy Holidays and warmest wishes for the New Year. :)

  635. Anne says:

    Happy birthday to you – I hope that you are having a big, happy cake! What a grand celebration of what your father-daughter team has created. Your messages are such a welcome reminder of what thoughtful skills can create, one special object at a time.

    Thank you for sharing.

  636. Rhonda Black says:

    Congratulations on your 4th year celebration!!! How wonderful to share something you love with your father. Cherish every day!
    All the best to you for years to come.

  637. Krissy says:

    It means the world to us that you are here too! Happy Birthday & cheers to many more years of beauty.

  638. Shayna says:

    Happy birthday to you! Here’s to many more years of making beautiful items to come!

  639. Tracey Y says:

    Happy Birthday! I have loved your work for years! Best wishes.

  640. hane says:

    i love everything about your work together.
    you magic is transaprent — all the way to norway :)

  641. hanne says: was supposed to say hanne, not hane;)

  642. ana says:

    felicidades, solo quiero deciros que estoy enamorada de vuestro trabajo, se ve el sabor de lo autentico y espero que este sorteo no sea solo para US porque os escribo desde España, un abrazo muy fuerte y seguid así, se agradecen cosas diferentes.

  643. Happy Birthday! Eat cake and be happy …secure in the knowledge that the crumbs you leave behind will look oh sooooo fine atop such a beautiful pedastal.

    Nikole I love your styling
    Nikole’s Pa I love your turning; and
    Michael I love your photographs

    An awesome trio

    When I’m feeling hemmed in by life, I visit your site and blog and am instantly lifted.

    Very happy holidays.

  644. Dianne says:

    Congratulations! 4 – can’t believe it. I am using my rolling pin every day during the holidays and love it more each day.

    Have a great holiday season,

  645. Arina says:

    Happy birthday! Everything is so beautiful.
    Wish you all the best for years to come.

  646. Laura says:

    Happy 4th birthday.
    Greetings from Australia.
    I have been following you for a long while. I love the products you have and equally love your styling and photography. Very inspiring!
    I would love to win anything from you, it’s all sooo beautiful.
    Here’s to many more years,

  647. Kristin says:

    The FEARLESS FOURS!!! Keep up the inspiring work and thank you for sharing with all of us over the years. ♥♥♥

  648. Rebecca says:

    Well happy birthday! I remember 4 being a great year, tons of fun. I’m new to your site but am loving all the stuff you’ve made. Happy holidays and Congrats.

  649. nicole i says:

    four. how wonderful. heaps of blessings.

  650. Ngoc says:

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many, many more.

  651. Karlyn says:

    Congratulations on turning four!

  652. Alice says:

    HB to HG! Congratulations on four years of great success! Love the collaboration between father and daughter. So much talent in the family…cheers!

  653. Jennifer says:

    Yes, please! Congrats to 4 years!

  654. ruth lawrenson says:

    Congratulations Herriott Grace! you are an inspiration! Loved watching your video – so beautifully shot and an insightful look into your journey! You seem to have a very special relationship and a product we can all enjoy! Love it! Happy Birthday! from London x Ruthie xx

  655. Irene says:

    Congratulations! I love what you do, it’s admirable :) Greetings from snowy Vienna. Irene

  656. cathie says:

    happy birthday! i love everything you make. you’re an inspiration!

  657. Alexis says:

    Congratulations on turning four! I love the family dynamic and your beautiful work…Best wishes in the year ahead.

  658. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Herriott Grace. 4 years of wonderful!!

  659. Samantha says:

    Happy birthday! Your items are incredible and I more than admire the hard work you guys must put in to make them.

  660. Tess says:

    Congratulations on your Birthday!
    I have coveted you pieces for a long long time and hope to some day soon be the proud owner.
    Such a wonderful story and provenance the two of you have created together. So special.


  661. joy says:

    Congratulations! Happy 4th birthday! I appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of everything that is Herriott Grace. One can sense the love in every piece you offer.

  662. Geoff says:

    Happy Birthday, HG: Your pieces are as great to look at as thet are to hold.

  663. Joy Fisher says:

    I find you and your father so inspiring. I love your asthetic and I think your family business is so beautiful. Congratulations on celebrating 4 years! xoxo Joy

  664. Hilit Nurick says:

    I love your creations and their simple elegance. They remind me of a time when things were made locally and made to last at least a lifetime. What a pleasure! Happy 4th and many more to come….
    With every best wish, Hilit

  665. Jennifer says:

    i would love to own some HG amazingness. happy 4 years! congrats on all your success and wishing you a ton more!

  666. Joanne says:

    Congrats! Always loved your shop and your blog. Keep up the awesome work!

  667. Anne E. says:

    Happy Birthday – and many returns!
    Love the combination of your fathers work and your keen eye for presentation. Marvelous job, thank you putting it out there for us.
    I adore every single grain on my fine rolling pin and would love to add to my collection.

  668. Kim says:

    Love it all…always! It’s such a beautiful and inspiring business you’ve created for yourself and your dad. Congrats!

  669. Ellen says:

    Love your shop, happy birthday

  670. Mimi says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful blog.

  671. erin says:

    Happiest four years to you! Wishing you much continued success and many cakes as delicious as the one you’ve photographed here. What a delight it would be to have one of your pieces in our home. xo.

  672. stephanie says:

    Congratulations on four years! Such a great accomplishment.

  673. Kaci Jackson says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all the time and effort that goes into such beautiful products. It is so nice to know that in an age of mass production and throw-away mentality that quality and artisanship is still alive. May you be around a very long time.

  674. Anne Marie says:

    And may you have many more to come! I lust after your objects and tell everyone I know about you in hopes that I will one day receive a gift made by you… No luck so far, but I keep dreaming!

  675. Nancy says:

    Congrats on 4 years. I love reading your blog.

  676. Julie says:

    Oh my goodness! Four years already?? Happy Birthday to the HG crew!

  677. Liz says:

    Congrats! Your stuff is beautiful!

    • Mel says:

      Happy Fourth Birthday! And wow…. what an interesting blog here and it just amazes me is that when I decided to leave a comment, I keep scrolling and scrolling, down, down for the comment box… and it was a long way to the comment box. It proven this is a great blog with beautiful photos as well.

  678. Nicole says:

    Congratulations on 4 years! I appreciate everything your family does. Wishing you continued success. The cake stand is gorgeous!

  679. Megan says:

    Everything in your shop is to die for! I would LOVE to win that pedestal, or anything really!

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  680. cheri duzanica says:

    Best wishes for many more years. Your items are quite extraordinary.

  681. Nathalie says:

    Congratulations on your birthday! I hope there are many more to come.

  682. Happy Birthday Herriott Grace! You’re officially a toddler now. Keep up the beautiful and inspiring work. Also, you must tell me what kind of icing is on that gorgeous cake? It looks so inviting.

  683. sarah says:

    All so beautiful. Happy Birthday and Congrats on four years!!

  684. Eliza says:

    Happy Birthday, Herriott Grace! Congratulations on four years and many more to come! Such a beautiful company and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your stunning wares with us!

  685. Happy Birthday! I will never stop coveting your beautiful things! Each piece is a work of art to be cherished forever. Keep up the amazing work.

  686. Merilee Cameron says:

    As always, simply stunning!

  687. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday – I love the story of your shop, you and your dad. Is your father glad you convinced him to share his work with others? Quite a few of your lovely items are on my birthday/Christmas wishlist – so here’s hoping! (PS December 18 is MY birthday, just in case my name is drawn – but even if not, maybe I’ll open a present with one of your spoons in it!)

  688. Jeanne says:

    Cheers! Happy birthday.

  689. catherine oconnell says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations – Your life and work, inspiring. Thank you.

  690. Kristin says:

    Felicitations on four years! Love the wood pieces, the amazing baking and styling and the beautiful photographs.
    Everything is really lovely and artistically made. Well done. Happy holidays to you!

  691. Nicole says:

    Congratulations ! I always enjoy browsing the gorgeous photos of beautiful wares. A moment of peace in the busy day! Here’s to much more success!

  692. Anna says:

    Congrats on your amazing success, it has been fun to watch it all unfold before us.

  693. Lindsay says:

    i love your little shop and it’s little story.
    happy birthday, herriott grace.
    love, lindsay

  694. Erin says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! 4 is a good age, for certain

  695. Maggie says:

    Love your beautiful wooden work – so functional as well. I would be so excited to receive this. Congratulations on year 4!

  696. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  697. jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday HG!!

  698. Natalie says:

    congrats! always love seeing what you are up to and everything in your beautiful shop!

  699. bert says:

    congratulations on your fourth year – here’s to many, many more!

  700. Rebekah says:

    Happy 4th birthday!

  701. Jade Sheldon says:

    Ahhh! Congratulations! You are an amazing team of artists and I dream of stocking my kitchen with your beautiful pieces. Hoping with all my heart to put my upcoming birthday cake on this pedestal.

  702. Stephanie says:

    Happy birthday! It’s wonderful that you get to share this with your dad!

  703. Sally says:

    Lovely, as always…

  704. Shelby G says:

    Love your work and your father’s work so very much!!! Happy 4th birthday, and many more successful celebrations to come!!

  705. Allie says:

    Happy 4th! Beautiful x4. Love it all!

  706. Catarina says:

    How wonderful all these pieces…and the souls around them!!!
    Congratulations for you and your father, wish you THE BEST!

  707. Brian says:

    Congratulations on 4 years. With blessings we can have many more HG years to come.

  708. Sara says:

    I’ve been watching (and appreciating) for a while, I didn’t realize you had yearly give-a-ways. Congratulations on your four years. I covet all the creations here, so put me on the list.

  709. Andy says:

    I just found this blog! I love it, your style, your topics. I can’t wait to add this to my list of addictions! Happy Fourth birthday!

  710. Tricia H says:

    A very happy 4th birthday and I hope there are many, many more! Your products are exquisite and I admire the skill required to make these very beautiful things!

  711. Bridget says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations! I’ve been admiring your work (and enjoying your posts) for about a year now and look forward to more to come!

  712. melissa says:

    Congratulations! I have a rolling pin and love it. Someone always beats me to the fancier stuff (the only problem with your beauties is they sell out too quick!)
    Love the styling, the products and your story! Can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

  713. Franne says:

    Congratulations! You’re making such beautiful things!

  714. kristy says:

    Happy 4th birthday!! I still think that your cloud cutter is the most wonderful thing I own. xx

  715. Glynn Butterfield says:

    I love your work – everything goes way too fast so I hope I win! HB!

  716. Erin says:

    Congratulations on four years! What an accomplishment. Wishing you continued success!

  717. Jane says:

    Happy birthday HG – I would be the happiest person in the world to win your beautiful cake stand. Fingers crossed!

  718. Erica says:

    Happy 4th! I may have to break down and get a cloud cookie cutter that I so lust after. I’ll be waiting at random :)

    Thanks for all the tips in Italy. Best wishes.

  719. Candice says:

    Happy birthday HG!

  720. Christine says:

    Happy birthday!

  721. Maya says:

    Love your stuff—happy birthday!

  722. Emily R. says:

    Happy anniversary, Herriott Grace!! Looking forward to many, many more years of inspiration!

  723. rebecca says:

    happy birthday!! congrats on all the years of beautiful work and best wishes in the years to come!

  724. Kate says:

    Sincere congratulations on reaching the four year mark! HG demonstrates in the truest sense that sometimes the most simple item is the most beautiful. xx

  725. Ashton B. says:

    Congratulation on 4 years of beautiful handmade goods!

  726. Maribel says:

    ooh, this would be the perfect early b-day gift for me!

  727. Michelle says:

    Happy 4th birthday! The cake stand is beautiful and I would be thrilled if I was lucky enough to win it!

  728. Cori says:

    That pedestal is absolutely gorgeous! My birthday is the 24th and I KNOW a great big chocolate cake would be beautiful on top of it :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  729. Deon says:

    Happy birthday from Australia!

  730. Kendra M. says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for creating, for those of us who can’t. And please don’t stop :)

  731. Tina says:

    Thanks for the many lovely pieces that I use on a daily basis and congratulations on your 4th anniversary!

  732. Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulaations!
    I have a few of your gorgeous things and I always enjoy using some handmade goodness
    in the kitchen.

  733. Belle says:

    Always my favorite(and the photos/styling too)
    Happy holidays everyone!

  734. Alyse Fielder says:

    I love to look at the photographs as well as the lovely items. Thank you so much for all the beauty, in the objects and the people.

  735. karen mordechai says:

    i mean how could one pass this off and not comment, I would loooove this cake stand and treat it well. congrats on the 4 years nikole, honored to have met you and worked with you – you are a true artist and inspiration, that much is apparent by the 800+ comments. oh and i love that pic of you and your dad. xxx karen

  736. Cory Burnsed says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations! Love what you have created here…

  737. Maryanne says:

    Hip hurray for a happy 4 th birthday, may your year ahead be as happy and successful as the last four! Love your deep, moody shots, beautifully considered products, such a treat to visit your blog! Have fun!

  738. Fiona Migan says:

    from BC to Ontario
    you ship your precious cargo
    it’s the father daughter team
    who shine like golden beams
    so happy 4th birthday herriott grace
    in my heart you have a place
    every update makes me drool
    & oh how i love your….stirring spoon(s)

  739. Carissa says:

    Love that top photo- too sweet. Happy Birthday, HG!

  740. oooohhhhhhhh Happy 4th Birthday Herriott Grace – possibly the best partnership I’ve seen. Always an inspiration.

  741. Lee says:

    Best wishes! <3

  742. Oh that pedestal is so beautiful! My husband just made me a spoon. He was inspired by your father. We loved your short video and I check out your website all the time. Such gorgeous items!
    Oh! And I appreciate your contributions to the Kinfolk magazines. We make the ‘darn good sandwich’ at least once a week :)

  743. Elisa B says:

    Happy birthday! I would love love LOVE to win your giveaway! Thanks for hosting it and cheers to another year!

  744. evie says:

    happy birthday! i only discovered you guys this year and it is so lovely to know that this is your fourth year working with your dad. the image above of you two is beautiful. when i came across your story it left me with hope and fully inspired about my own work and life. every time i see i have a new newsletter from hg in my inbox i click immediately, with your beautiful images, i know i am always in for a treat! congratulations and heres to many more birthdays x

  745. Amy says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  746. Karate says:

    Happy Birthday to you! The colours on that cake photo are great. Your work is beautiful!

  747. Little Emma says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful four years. I’ve really enjoyed watching HG grow and blossom and I especially love my gorgeous spoons which are admired, and used daily!
    Happy birthday HG!

  748. Y says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! LOVE that first picture of you and your dad. xx

  749. Angela says:

    Many congrats! Every time I visit your site and see your lovely, lovely things I think how amazing you all are. So beautiful and inspiring. Wishing you all the best. Way to follow your passion…

  750. rebecca says:

    a beautiful four years!! congratulations!

    happiest holidays to you and your family. i am crossing my fingers any one of your shop beauties becomes mine over the holidays. your lovely shop has been wish listed so we will see… and if that doesn’t pan out, maybe i will be a lucky winner…?

  751. Michelle says:


  752. Cara says:

    Eeeee. I love everything about this!

  753. K Kelsey says:

    Happy year four! I think your site and concept is a terrific combination + contradiction of handcraft and technology (i.e. the use of your internet business model). Love your blog and interested to see what continues to become available on your site.

  754. Melanie says:

    Happy 4th anniversary!
    Thank you for bringing such beautiful handcrafted goods into our lives
    Hopefully this is just one of the many anniversaries you will celebrate in the future!

  755. happy birthday!!! i have always coveted your beautiful products!

  756. Natalie says:

    Happy birthday! I’m new to your site and excited to check it out (:

  757. Kai says:

    Happpy 4th! hope there will be many more years to come!

  758. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday- 4 years of beautiful artistry!

  759. Mishi says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! Love love love the beauty you create every piece has such heart and soul! Looking forward to the next 4 and beyond
    Love from Oz

  760. Bethany Vanderslice says:

    Thanks for making everyday beautiful and special with the items you create. Happy 4th Birthday.

  761. des says:

    happiest of birthdays! its all just so lovely!

  762. Patti says:

    Happy birthday! Love the photo at the top – so sweet! I still smile whenever I use my cloud cookie cutter and am always excited to see what new things you’re cooking up. :)

  763. Surrie says:

    Love your work. So beautiful. I want one of everything. Thank you!

  764. Kate Arganese says:

    Happy Birthday, HG!! LOVE the pedestal! Happy holidays!

  765. Mai says:

    Happy happy birthday!! I hope it was filled with joyous celebration!

  766. Jenna says:

    Congratulations on turning four! I love your shop and appreciate all of the well crafted, beautiful treasures that you sell. Thanks for doing what you do!

  767. Erica says:

    A very happy new visitor. Such pretty photography and beautiful product!

  768. Nicole says:

    happy happy birthday HG! always loving what you guys create – such beautiful work! xx

  769. Helen says:

    Happy Four and congratulations for still going strong. I hope you keep producing beautiful things for many years to come.

  770. Ann Dunkley says:

    Hi Nicole & Dad, Many congratulations on your 4th anniversary!
    You truly deserve all of the lovely kudos & heart felt sentiments expressed by so very many. I have to add mine to that long list.
    You create & have created a gem of a blog & store. Your products are peerless, timeless & so very, very wonderful.
    Continued success.
    All the best, Ann

  771. Katrina B says:

    Hooray!! You have such an amazing shop and continually provide me with inspiration. Congratulations!

    Warmly, Katrina

  772. Maria says:

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  774. HBD HG! Please keep making kitchens across around the world prettier with every creation.

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    It’s my mom’s birthday today too today! I should’ve bought something from the store for her birthday! :) Oh well, there’s always next birthday right? :)

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    Thanks for doing what you obviously love so much!

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    Happy birthday. Fan from Vancouver, B.C.

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    Congratulations on a fabulous vision and to your father’s amazing talents. Cheers to many more years of Herriot Grace.

  793. Colleen Morton says:

    Congratulations! and we knew you when…..LOL! just think, if we win it will save you some shipping, I can just go and knock on your Dad’s door ;o}
    Happy Holidays,
    Pete, Colleen, Emily and Grayden

  794. Athena Roth says:

    What a dream this would be! And congrats to you!! Best, Athena

  795. Deborah M of Toronto says:

    new years resolution is to cut back on the online shopping – with the exception of Herriott Grace!

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    I have admired you and your father and your shop for so long. It makes me happy everything is going wonderfully. Here’s to another four more, yes?! <3

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    You guys just one talented and pretty little gang whom I adore much. Every pieces is such an art. Love your work!


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    Félicitations! x

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    Happy Birthday HG.

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    Wish you all the best!

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    looking at your work never fails to give me a warm fuzzy feeling of home. happy birthday, HG (-;

  825. May says:

    Happy fourth birthday! More great years ahead! May I have the pedestal, pleassseee? It’s so beautiful and is a great match to my new kitchen!

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  829. Marie-Eve says:

    Congratulations on 4 years, I hope you succeed for many more to come. You create beautiful things that people can cherish for years to come.
    I would love to be the care taker of one of those!



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    Happy Birthday Herriot Grace! I found out your story through Vimeo, and saw the mini documentary on the business. Cheers! xx

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    The pedestal is lovely. Also like the washtubs on the shed wall :-).

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    Happy birthday to you…
    I love that your story reminds me so much of my own.
    My Dad and I have watched you grow together.

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    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS #4!!! Congratulations all the way from Chihuahua city (México), love your work, you and your father are an inspiration. Hope I’ll be able to get some of your stuff some day, I’m a Chef and my sister is a Designer and we love to see the site together, a place in common to talk about, we love that is something created with family love.

  853. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE from Marie – Paris France

  854. Ola says:

    Haaaaaaaaapy birthday !!!! It’s so wonderful, you, the shop, the whole story behind it :)
    It’s my favourite thing to do – making cookies with your cutters !!
    Have a great day !:) hugs from Poland !

  855. Therese says:

    The beautiful photographs of your exquisite, serviceable art is inspirational. Happy Birthday, Herriott Grace! (I started making macarons–as those garnishing your birthday cake–after a 1993 trip to La Maison du Chocolat in Paris. Little did I know they would become the rage!). Gorgeous PEDESTAL!

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  870. Adeline says:

    Wow! It’s been four years already? Congratulations-here’s to many more four years! =D

  871. Shandy says:

    Congratulations from Japan!

    I have a beautiful pedestal from you, and I enjoy it with a piece of rock crystal on it when not in use. It looks gorgeous with or without a cake! Looking forward for more beautiful photos and movies to come.

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    I take such pleasure in my HG bowl everyday. I’m so glad you are so inspired…and inspiring! I wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours.

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    My daughter just turned two and we had her birthday cake on the porcelain pedestal with two natural candles, gorgeous. Would be lovely to have the large cake pedestal the celebration cake when my next daughter is born in February… Congratulations on turning four!

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  876. Megan F says:

    Congratulations!!! xo

  877. Susan says:

    Four years of your beautiful photographs and gorgeous goods. It’s always a pleasure receiving your emails. My cloud biscuits (I make lemony ones) are readily requested for special occasions and disappear quickly. Best of luck for the next four! (ps – I miss your sandwiches!)

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    Sue Jean

  890. Kathy Booth says:

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  891. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on turning 4! I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have come this far, you and your dad are a true inspiration – even has got me thinking about working with wood! My dad has recently learned boat building as well and I feel like taking it up as well to work on boats on islands off from here – and to be honest, it makes me think of HG!

  892. Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday and many more! I have just discovered Herriott Grace while working at AD and find myself anxiously awaiting new product posts! My brother creates beautiful, hand crafted furniture – often times from very rare woods – so I understand and appreciate the beauty of your products and your amazing gift of this craft!
    Looking forward to owning many more HG pieces!

  893. Amy G. says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, HG! Thank you for the simple sparkle you add to the world.

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  895. Linda says:

    “Wooden It Be Nice!”

    Happy 4th Birthday! Happy Holiday Season!

    Wood works! As a farm girl at heart, I always choose wood and other natural materials for use in my everyday life. “Wooden it be nice” if more people trusted nature and let wood work for them. I am thrilled to see the beauty, creativity and functionality of your wood work designs.

    Have a very merry Christmas! Health and happiness for the holidays and again, Happy Sappy Birthday!


  896. Jenny says:

    Hooray! Happy birthday!

  897. Happy, happy Birthday, HG! The lovely items I have purchased are some of my mostest favoritest things…When you announce an update, I can hardly wait until the time arrives later that day. You embody what beautiful craft is all about
    Love your photos on this post…especially the one with you and your Dad. Have a wonderful Holiday Season…and will keep my fingers crossed you pull my name for the exquisite pedestal, that I would use for our traditional Christmas dessert, my Grandmother’s Pumpkin Pie.

  898. Jane Moffitt says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! A well deserved milestone. All of your creations are so beautiful and inspiring. Wishing you a great year ahead.

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    Enjoy your holidays and I look forward to seeing more from you in 2013!

  908. Jenn Shin says:

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  909. Katrina says:

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  910. Happy happy all over the place. I am trying to create an adult kitchen for my small family & even smaller kitchen. This pedestal would make me 45% classier.

  911. Victoria Paterson says:

    So inspirational, Happy Birthday HG!

  912. Rebecca says:

    I’ve totally loved coming here since I found you fairly recently,
    and will definitely join in this long queue of hopeful lucky ones.
    Happy Birthday!

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    oh happy day!! congrats to you and papa bear!! you two are a good par. i just love all that you do.

  914. Ginger says:

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  915. Thank you for sharing your wonderland ! Each piece of wood you touch is enchanted.
    Happy four !

  916. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful pedestal, I love the film, what a life doing what you love and that other people love , congratulations on four years.

  917. Jenny says:

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    Happy birthday, HG. May there be many years of your beautiful products ahead.

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  924. Jenny says:

    Congratulations on 4 years, your work is stunning and I love everything you create!

  925. Angie Hocking says:

    4 years of wonderfulness! Thank you. My daughter (truly a “tinker fairy”) gave my husband (a wannabe full-time tinkerer) a cloud cookie cutter for Father’s Day this year, as they like to make cookies together, and it just couldn’t have been any sweeter. Always so excited to see what you two are up to. Here’s to many more years of creativity. Cheers!

  926. Kristy says:

    Congrats! Love H&G and can’t wait to see what the next four (and more) years look like!

  927. Mark says:

    Wow. 4 years! Can’t wait to see what you do in the years to come. Its been a pleasure watching you grow. Mark

  928. Hollins Mills says:

    Happy 4th! I love your work. It is such a treat to see the craftsmanship and beauty of what you make. Thank you.

  929. Bayle says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve enjoyed watching HG flourish. I still remember receiving my first HG package in the mail and the care that went into making and bundling the beloved cloud cookie cutter nestled inside. This is still one of my most cherished items as it reminds me of dear friends that live in the Pacific NW while I’m in San Francisco. Thank you for your inspiring photos and heirloom items. hugs

  930. Julia says:

    oh my, happiest of happys ;) x

  931. Jess says:

    What a wonderful achievement. Congrats and thanks for a wonderful blog.

  932. Kris says:

    Happy fourth year! still such a pleasure to visit, always such thoughtful words and beautifully composed images, and of course the hand made objects that are to be desired and cherished!
    Happy Happy! xo

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    Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Your work is so beautiful. I love all of the handcrafted items.
    Happy Holidays.

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  935. Angélica Orea says:

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    Your work is such an inspiration. Thanks for four beautiful years!

  937. Congratulations on four years! All the best for the holidays.

  938. Celina says:

    Happy Birthday! I don’t ever follow blogs but by golly I will be following y’all!

  939. Laura Graciela says:

    Happy Fourth! My piggy bank is earmarked for one of your beautiful bowls, hopefully I will be lucky enough to buy one soon.

  940. awwww, you two (and your mom of course) just warm my heart through and through …
    wishing you a most awesome 4th birthday!!
    all the best ~ all ways …

  941. Joe says:

    Congrats! beautiful work!

  942. Kath says:

    Congratulations on turning 4! Amazing craftmanship, beautiful products, always a joy to behold.

  943. katrina says:

    Beautiful xo

  944. elisa says:

    just gorgeous, as always. i love a good cake pedestal, a turned wood one is inspired. happy fourth! x

  945. Briar says:

    Congratulations on 4 wonderful years! Wishing you many more to come, too! – Briar

  946. tess says:

    congratulations! i love the work your father does and the styling you put in to it all! it’s such a wonderful thing to see your work paired with your father’s like that, and very touching too. hope you guys have a wonderful year ahead!

  947. Congratulations! Thank you for four years of beautiful inspiration and here is to many, many more.

  948. Frances says:

    Oh my golly gosh, FOUR! Congratulations. Your story and pieces are just beautiful. xo

  949. Ginger says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you keep up this beautiful collaboration for years to come!

  950. chrisa dianellou says:

    What can i say… Ever since i discovered you on internet you are my insiration… truly… It’s soooo good that you had the foresight (if that’s the correct word) to take advantage (in a very very good meaning) of your family talent! Keep pu for sooooo many years!!!!


    Chrisa Dianellou

  951. Marjorie says:

    Hello! I am new to your beautiful wares but already love them so – happy happy on your 4th! and I promise to (try and) wait patiently until your clouds cookie cutter are back in stock…

  952. Patricia says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños desde España!!! Happy Birthday from Spain!!!! I wish you more and more year of beautiful creation. I love wook I live in the north of Spain which is a great place to go either to the mountain either to the sea. My house is in the middle of the country but 3 minutes walking to the sea and I will adore to have you the pedestal in it. And you are more than welcome to visit us and share some cakes and walks through Mundaka!! Sometimes I try to buy some of your stuff but it was sold.
    Congratulations about your work it´s really really inspiring.

  953. Michelle says:

    Happy birthday! You make such beautiful things it must be a joy. Here is to another 40 years.

  954. Alice says:

    Congratulations on 4 years! That photo of you both is wonderful.

  955. Emma says:

    Congratulations!! You guys do some of the best work!

  956. Maureen Bell says:

    Happy 4th Birthday,and to many more exciting years ahead. Your website and your product are absolutley beautiful. You are not only selling pieces of just stuff you are creating art for people to enoy and have for a life time. You are a very talented young lady and I wish you many more years of doing that which you love. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  957. Roxann Marie says:

    so happy to hear about your successes! wishing you many, many more years of incredible artisanship, and, happy holidays, of course!

  958. Hillary says:

    Happy Birthday! Everything is gorgeous as ever. Congratulations on 4 solid years.

  959. lynn says:

    Congratulations! Happy 4th anniversary and thank you and your talented dad for the chance to win such a wonderful treasure!!!

  960. Isabel says:

    Wishing you all the best in your bday!
    Hope you keep on creating beautiful objects lots of years.

  961. Ji says:

    Congratulations! I admire all your beautiful work and the pedestal is no exception.

  962. élise* says:

    I just love your blog, and the photos in this last post are wonderful! Happy Happy Birthday! And to many more to come!

  963. Stacy says:

    Happy Birthday! Your blog & beautifully crafted items are an inspiration.

  964. Paula Morgan says:

    Happy birthday. Here’s to many more. I’ve loved your work since seeing you featured on Covet Garden. I would love to win. xx

  965. Gina says:

    Happy birthday, HG!

  966. Meredith says:

    Happy Birthday! Beautiful work :). You announce the giveaway on my birthday! I’m a little older than 4 though…

  967. Caroline C says:

    Happy fourth! I’m a huge fan just as everyone else… Love all of the work you do, Nikole!

  968. What beautiful works of useful art you make! I just found your blog after much searching for the perfect wooden spoon! (My 12 year old son is an aspiring wood-carver and asked for my help in searching for “the” spoon!) We have really enjoyed looking around at the loveliness!

  969. Kristin Blair says:

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    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays. I just finished watching the Herriott Grace video on Vimeo and immediately after sat down at my desk to visit the website. The beauty behind this endeavor is the philosophy that has been firmly planted by your father. Once a passion turns into a job it’s time to walk away. I have seen my father struggle all his life to provide for his family, sadly it took me to reach my 30′s before I appreciated his efforts. He mostly fills his time now with home improvement projects teaching himself along the way. In my day job I am an accountant and I’m sure it makes him proud to see what I have become, but recently there isn’t a day that goes by that I look down at my hands and I feel I should be using them towards a stronger purpose building things as he has done. Here is to 4 more years and for your father’s passion to continue to carry on.

  992. Allana says:

    Wow! 4 years, and what a mark you have both made on the handmade world in that time! Congratulations. We love our cloud cutter and it is such a special part of our birthday celebrations when we bring out our beeswax candles. Thankyou for such a generous giveaway opportunity! Whoever wins will be blessed indeed :)

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    btw I’m a guy.

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    If the state has “319 Miles Apart”, We have a Forty-Sixth at Grace in Canada. I love Lance & Nikole Herriott more x 100.

    I think your products truly represent what is the authentic handmade Canada.

    I posted your story on my blog by Korean for viewer/blogger who lived in South Korea.

    Happy 4th Birthday.

  1068. hannah says:

    happy bday! loved the short film! thanks for putting yourself out there :)

  1069. Happy Birthday from Scotland, I love your website, so very inspiring, Happy holidays!

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  1074. Hey there! Just wanted to say that I think your “about” video is the cutest freakin’ thing I’ve ever seen – it filled my heart with happiness! I think what you’re doing is awesome, and I hope I can help to keep the dream alive :)

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  1078. […] I’ve got words and photos from recent travels soon and notes on this and that, plus HG is about to have a birthday. But before all that, I’m excited to share a bit of new work. xo, […]

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    Happy Joyous Birthday and congratulations. Your work is inspiring. I ABSOLUTELY beyond-a-doubt love the pedestal/cake stand. I believe I initially saw it in a photo, maybe on Pinterest, and searched it down to your shop. However, you must have a gazillion fans because the items seem to sell immediately when posted. Your work is beautiful art and I would be thrilled and honored to have a piece in my home. May you continue to love creating your art.

  1081. Amber says:

    Over a thousand comments – not bad for a ‘wee’ shop as you put it! Congratulations from your always enthusiastic fan from across the pond x

  1082. Sara says:

    Looking at your shop makes me happy. Such loveliness!

  1083. […] and photos from recent travels soon and notes on this and that, plus HG is about to turn FIVE (here’s a link to our fourth). But before all that, I’m excited to share a bit of new work. xo, […]

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