a shop preview







just a quick hello
and a preview of what’s to come!
hope things are swell.
xo, n







this post is adorable
such great DIY ideas
the cutest block set
and this 


posted on June 13, 2012 by Nikole


  1. Barbara says:

    I want every single piece !

  2. Natalija says:

    Beautiful workmanship! I love the large boards, cherry bowl, cake stand…well all of it!

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    Your cutting boards would raise the quality of my cooking! Beautiful stuff Nikole.

  4. ally says:

    Everything, just everything is precious.

  5. dervla says:

    Nikole, these are insanely gorgeous. The cutting boards are to die for. So excited to get something.

  6. The boards are especially gorgeous.

  7. Nikole says:

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Those serving boards are awesome, and I like the berries on the cake (a modern touch)!

  9. really beautiful images!

  10. jo says:

    Such beautiful work!

  11. linda says:

    totally love the cutting boards want em all haha!

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  13. Susan says:

    What’s the point of following this if you don’t provide the source of the products so people can purchase them instead of admiring them by looking at them on some blog? What a waste of my time.

    • Nikole says:

      Hi Susan, our shop previews show photos of items that will come available in our shop when we update. In some cases they show items that are always available too! Click on any one of the photos to link through to our shop. But here’s an additional link just in case. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks! HG

  14. Nancy says:

    How much do the cutting boards cost?

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