a little on my lately

hi. happy summer!


i’ve pulled the summer dresses to the front of my closet
and i’ve started wearing shoes, sans socks.

this morning i saw a momma bird
feeding her baby birds
and i giggled aloud on a downtown street.
it’s possible i looked crazy.

this past monday i spent near eight hours at the beach,
i laid in the park in the summer sun.
i grilled hot dogs
and i ate frozen cream.
i drank beer on a patio
and sipped tequila after dark.
i played frisbee
i ate popovers
and i walked through
i didn’t already


it felt like summer. in may. and for all that,
i’m glad.

xo, n


how about there?
what sort of summer
(or winter) things have you been getting up to?










our ongoing items are slowly growing, watch for new items soon
my new guest series starts next week and it’s about PIE!
our porcelain bowls are perfect for ice cream and they’re available for a limited time only
these coconut rochers are delicious
our beeswax salve is great for cutting boards and it’s made in small batches right here in toronto
plus, the first two photos: michael graydon // styling + food: me
and the last two: all me




this cake looks and sounds lovely
this salad looks tasty
the second photo in this post. i love love love sweet peas
watermelon and honeydew sorbets
this image
and this one
cutest cat toys ever
this loveseat
this light
super cute crafts for kids (via)
and my instagram



posted on May 23, 2012 by Nikole


  1. nicole says:

    SO dreamy + lovely … like a summer sigh.

  2. Athena says:

    The links you share are always so wonderful! Such beautiful images-I really look forward to them. Best, Athena.

  3. amanda says:

    Another beautiful post, Nikole!
    We had that little taste of summer here in Vancouver too. Divine!
    I’m off to explore your links.

  4. emily says:

    Our weekend sounds similar. We enjoyed our first day at the beach (Lake Michigan) this past Sunday. Couldn’t agree more a weekend filled with good food, laying in the grass, the beach, and beers on patios is so perfect!

  5. lovely! I was just fairly recently introduced to the mighty pop-over and I am in love with it fluffy warm texture! Nom. Summer is here too, bring your sundresses :)

  6. Aya says:

    GORGEOUS photos! I feel like I could stare at them for hours. Is that lovely blue surface a table cloth? It’s breathtaking!!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  7. Mihaeko says:

    The coconut rochers are beautiful!

  8. I love your Instagram, too! By the way, did you find the time to try the waffles made from sour cream based batter?

  9. furry 2000 says:

    Love, Love, Love

  10. Greta says:

    Beautiful photos! Got inspired to do some baking! But first some work… Thanks for sharing!

  11. Erin says:

    I think iw ill spend all of 2012 figuring out what 2012 is about. It’s already winter here in new zealand, but my nyc heart wants prospect park picnics with a pile of library books and a bottle of homemade lemonade. So what kind of winter? an uncertain kind. There’s someone in the press room tidying up each ambiguous letter (q, b, p, d) of Baskerville and the foster cat upstairs who may or may not survive. I’ll write a zine on coffee in japan called kissa and wait for Saturday to walk to the farmers market, buy some eggs, and make some popovers (not vegan, so i cant share with my beloved) to eat with the new jar of black fig jam (imported from south africa) that we found at the bulk savings store

  12. Gorgeous! Being winter in Australia – i’ve been treating myself to hot chocolate or horlicks of an evening ;)

  13. We have a pair of the most lovely bluebirds that reside in the house we “installed” for them 3 years ago. They are the hardest working couple in our neighborhood. I, too, talk to them each morning while having breakfast on the patio. They seem to like it, since they turn to look at me. Maybe THEY think I’m crazy :)

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