on spring and recipes and this and that















it’s officially spring here
i’ve got my window open just a crack
but the way this season smells is quickly making the rounds.

there are baby buds on the trees outside,
and small white flowers springing from the dirt.
there are birds, scattered and scampering and flitting around and
singing the beautiful songs of spring.

there are flowers outside at the market now.
buckets lined together in short tight rows,
plastic pails filled with water and stems.


there are seeds for sale on the grocers’ shelves
sweet peas and petunias and all kinds of green.

it’s the season of pretty here
and that’s a brilliant thing.





i also wanted to share
some beautiful photos of the apartment where i used to live.
it’s a a place i still occasionally work, but no longer make my home.
it was shot for covet gardens by michael graydon, a name you see around here often
and who happens to also be my partner in crime.

i’ve also been working on writing my recipes down lately,
something i’m still practicing at but am enjoying just the same.
i love this one for sakura candy corn,
and this one for custard doughnuts with rhubarb sauce in issue 21 of covet gardens.
it’ll take longer than the candy corn but it’s well worth the effort!
the doughnut dough portion of the recipe is an adapted version of this jelly doughnut recipe


AND i’ve also got some super fabulous news to share!
i’ll be announcing a new regular contributor here soon.
her posts will be based around travel, recipes and cafes,
and they’re going to be beautiful!


PLUS an HG update soon!
and more big news on the way as well.
that’s all for now, friends.
hope things are swell.
xo, n







these notebooks and these ones too
this soap
this photo
cocoa carrot cake
my blog feed is fixed, you can follow along here
these shorts
how great do these look?! (i love the 4th photo!)
i’d really like to stay here! (via)
dip-dyed lamp shades

these glasses (via)
these look perfect
so much goodness in heidi merrick’s spring line
and this looks like it would smell nice


posted on April 11, 2012 by Nikole


  1. Rebekka says:

    Whatever the “Blue Chair Jam cookbook” is….It sounds amazing!

  2. Samantha says:

    What a lovely home!

  3. elisa says:

    your cascading baking tins and sieves are delightful to look at. so wonderful that you make such beautiful things and michael makes such beautiful images of them.

  4. Rose says:

    Can’t wait to meet the new contributor!

    Also, Nikole, would you pretty please write a book? With all of your lovely recipes and gorgeous photographs? I would be first in line to buy it. Seriously.

  5. Irene says:

    Wow, great news and great photos. Sounds good :)

  6. Maggie says:

    Yes, it would be great if you wrote a book!
    I love the drain-rack and the beautiful tile counters… What a lovely space
    for you to work in.

  7. Tricia Rose says:

    You don’t blog often, but when you do it is certainly worth waiting for!

  8. mjauQi says:

    is this your apartment? to bad that that you do not live here anymore. is super!
    Like your site, your recipes and your photography. Love all of that!

    Wellcome on my food & photography blog.


    Greetings from Slovenia

  9. Benvinda says:

    Great photos,thank you! What about the portuguese honey? :)

  10. Janet says:

    Beautiful apartment. There’s space to think. Am dying to try the cocoa carrot cake! Happy spring!

  11. Benvinda says:

    Actually it was to ask if it was good!
    Compliments from Portugal!

  12. You’ve probably heard this many, many times, but your popcorn segment on oh Joy was absolutely beautiful.

    Love your work as alwaysss!

  13. Salut Nikole,

    I found your lovely home and blog via Covet Garden and I am simply smitten!

    Greetings from Paris!

  14. Mariela says:

    Beautiful photos and home, love your blog!, have a lovely sunday.

  15. Great post! Spring smells amazing :)

  16. celine says:

    ok seriously! that popcorn is the best! makes me so happy looking at it! Also, I spy the thank you card I sent you??! :)

  17. what a beautiful sight I have discovered now that I have to run out the door this morning. I cannot wait to come back and absorb more. ~ Sarah at “Thyme”

  18. Andrea says:

    Dear Nikole,

    I was so happy to see that you were featured in the fairly new German magazine “The Weekender”! So now more people in my country can see what great work you and your father do!

    Best wishes,

  19. Stephanie says:

    Hi Nikole,
    Making the custard filled doughnuts today and bought the rhubarb available at my co-op, however, the sauce is a pathetic greenish brown, not the beautiful red yours is…any hints? My only thought is the stalks available, while local and organic, were thicker, and it only took 2 to make up 1/2 lb. Do I need to look for slender, bright red stalks in future?

    It still tastes amazing & no one is complaining, but I’d love to know if there’s a trick to getting it the perfect rhubarb red.


    • Nikole says:

      hi stephanie!
      the rhubarb i used was grown indoors and was forced and for that reason it tends to be more pink i think. ;) i haven’t ever seen the outdoor rhubarb so pink. and i agree the taste is great with both, but i love the colour from the indoor!

  20. oh, nikole, your old place looks so lovely and just knew it [for ages] re: partner in crime :)

  21. furry 2000 says:

    Thanks for the update… the items are all amazing.

  22. robync says:

    Oh my gosh your house is so beautiful, I love how open and airy and all the light colors!

  23. Teresa says:

    Oh, that wall tapestry and rocker are lovely! Would love to make those additions to my home.

  24. Jo says:

    The Big Sur room spray – oh, it will make me long for a Californian road trip, I know it. And a wonderful description of the new season, it makes me excited for changes to come.

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