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on apple pie and the feeling of fall

happy fall.


it seems crazy to me
that it’s arrived so soon.
as though i blinked
and that season we call summer,
vanished out the back door.

i’ve got plans for autumn though.
big. grand. plans.

i’m going to pick the apples and brew tea
and i’m going to make pie.
and you know what,
there’s something innately
satisfying in that.
something innately satisfying
in the pleasures of the season upon us.

there’s something to rolling pastry
and peeling apples.
something about butter and
nutmeg and cinnamon and spice.
something about perfecting an old fashioned crust.

for me pie is a rustic affair.
something like a weekend cake,
country in its style and easy in its making.
and to me, a good pie is meant to be shared
and so, a good pie is fit to travel.


wishing you the happiest of seasons.
xo, n.


we’re in the latest issues of
whole living
and canadian family magazines, hip hip!

our ongoing items are back in stock:
rustic porcelain pedestals
fine and regular rolling pins
cloud cookie cutters
porcelain bowls
and a few more things here.

we’re updating again mid-october

and because it’s what i do:

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