photos from the farm and an HG update!

a quick hello
some photos from the farm
and a note that we’ve updated over at HG
happy weekend, friends
hope it’s swell!

xo, n

one & three: michael graydon
the rest: me
and a pretty wall

posted on July 1, 2011 by Nikole


  1. Emma Ann Robertson says:

    Can't get enough of these images!! Sent some love your way this afternoon –

  2. Debra Daniels-Zeller says:

    Your beaufiful photos inspire me and make my day brighter!

  3. In cucina says:

    so beautiful, always.

  4. megan says:

    Beautiful photos. I'm a big fan.

  5. Design Elements says:

    lovely images!

  6. Y says:

    Love the photos, and oh, those pastry wheels!

  7. Victoria says:

    What stunning photos. Thank you. x

  8. oldyarns. says:

    just lovely. what are the jam cookies in the last image? they look v yummy indeed.

  9. Claire M. says:

    Gorgeous photos! love it ;)

  10. Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy says:

    So lovely! I am making some cloud cookies with your cloud cookie cutter this weekend!

  11. Carpet Cleaning says:

    Wonderful day out, so beautiful pictures I found here!

  12. elissa :: ebb & flow says:

    beautiful. i'm off to check out the updates.

  13. The World Tour says:

    love your cakes..


    A couple of lovers sailing around the world

  14. Lolo says:

    Amazing photographs! I'll head over and check out the updates.

  15. Sabrine d'Aubergine says:

    Simply gorgeous… and nothing else to add.


  16. Dina says:

    Very nice photos!

  17. kate says:

    beautiful!! Makes me wish I was living on a farm! Or just for a delicious, yummy picnic!

  18. by land by air by sea says:

    high summer
    so beautifully expressed.

    you are an inspiration…


  19. Claire M. says:

    So beautiful! I really love it ;)

  20. littlewinterbride says:

    Summer dreamy.

  21. littlewinterbride says:

    Summer dreamy

  22. Mara Esteban says:

    I love your blog, I've never writte here, but I view your blog when i'm tired¡¡ thank you for your photos since Spain.

  23. Melissa says:

    Your gorgeous photography makes me long for summer.. I can't wait to feel the warm sun and while my days away at the beach in Australia. Thanks for a reminder that the sun will be coming soon!

  24. Two fit and fun gals says:

    your photos are beautiful :)

  25. Eat Read Love says:

    really beautiful blog, and those choc cakes pics are gorgeous thanks

  26. Kylie says:

    your blog is always so pretty and makes me hungry

  27. theappletea says:

    so so cool :)

  28. 3 sous un parapluie says:

    Magnifique , I love your photos from the farm… it make me dream!


  29. says:

    ever shot has a peace about it…..kinda makes you feel like youre floating in time. so beautiful. xo

  30. Kathreinerle says:

    Your work will always be an inspiration to me, so beautiful!
    Greetings from Paris

  31. Bobby says:

    Mmm…time to head to the kitchen, I need a pastry or cake of some sort…

  32. Chickens! Oh I love chickens. (had some once when I lived inner city Melbourne – can you believe?!) Gorgeous photos, looks like your home is a very beautiful place

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