on cake with lemon and places i’ve been


happy start to the week.
how are you this fine monday?
it’s rainy and wet here.
but even still,
i think the week
should turn out
a good one.

my weekend was nice.
i walked a lot
i sipped tea,
chatted with friends
and i ate little lemon cakes
made of rice.

i popped in and out of shops
cheese in one had
flowers in the other.
i drank hot cocoa
with peppermint schnapps
and i skated
on round ponds covered in ice.

i thought of a trip i’m planning.
one that will take me
from london to hong kong
via train
with stops in germany
and mongolia and russia too.
and i thought of how i can’t wait
to see st. petersburg
for the very first time.

it got me to thinking
of places i’ve been.
countries i’ve visited,
cities i’ve fallen for.

i’ve reminisced about my
first trip to london.
and how the lovely and quaint,
stole my heart.

i’ve thought of the alleys behind
it all in tokyo.
how they really are
just skinny streets and how
the perfectly japanese places to eat,
are hidden there.
the barbeques and sushi spots
and the hole-in-the-wall neighbourhood places.

i thought about
how i love visiting the tsukji fish market.
my early morning eyes, sleepy.
my excitement, silly and childlike.
my travel companions
tired because i
insist we visit
2 maybe 3 times each trip.

i remembered my first
ride underground there.
my eyes watery
when i recognized that i had
just realized my very first dream.

a feeling indescribable really.
the realization of dreams that is.
amazing and emotional
and extraordinary all wrapped
up in a few short seconds.

i thought about
a favorite breakfast spot in beijing.
one that’s nestled
behind the busy streets.
stuck in the meandering alleys
of a hutong.
pinched between two
old and steady courtyard homes.

i thought of the day
i first slipped my
toes into the south pacific.
i couldn’t believe the warmth.
and i couldn’t believe
that a jelly fish
thought it right to sting me just then.

i thought of the
beautiful blue skies and waters
of jamaica.
and how they serve
jerk sausage for breakfast there.
that’s heaven to me.
plates of fruit
cups of coffee
and links of jerk sausage.

i remember the ceiling fans in my room there
bands running from one
to the next, moving just enough
to keep the momentum going.

i thought of the transport
in places away from home.
the scooters in bermuda
the tuktuks in thailand
and the golf carts
on small islands
on the caribbean side of mexico.

i thought of the first time i saw
a turtle in the wild.
he dragged himself
along a sandy beach in hawaii.
dust moving behind him.

and i thought of my excitement
when i saw that they make
ice-cream by hand in mexico.

i walked around this weekend
thinking like this.
it was nice.
it was relaxing and exciting together.
i’ve been fortunate enough to have
been many places in my relatively short time,
i’ll tell you a little more
about them sometime soon.

but for now
i’m dreaming of sunnier days.
ones when your clothes hang on the line.
and ones when the chill from mojitos
cool your summery hands.

i’ll be around this week.
so let’s chat again soon.
xox, n.


and few other things!

a herriott grace update:
2010.01.31: 5pm est.
if you are not on our list
and you would like to be, go here.

plus, eeeep!!
there’s a surprise in our midst,
here’s a little hint.

i’m working on
my next recipe download.
and i think you’re really going to like it.
i’m so truly excited to share it with you.
(if you missed my first, it’s here)

+ this recipe looks great.
i’d like new cutlery and either will do: one and two.
and jackson, johnston and roe
plaid shorts for spring.
yes please.



posted on January 25, 2010 by Nikole


  1. Jen says:

    jellyfish? ouch.

    i may have to meet you in london this summer:) or you meet me in marseilles.

    realizing dreams. thats really what it's all about.

  2. r= says:

    dear nikole, happy monday to you!
    i loved reading this entry, makes me travel along with you. i wish i can fold up and fit in your luggage when you go travel.

    cannot wait for what you're gonna do with those delicious looking marshmallows!! yums. have a happy week lady! xo

  3. Brian F says:

    a wonderful post today, nikole. thanks.
    (and i hope we'll be able to meet up when you are here)

  4. Char says:

    oh…i would love a train

  5. Lola says:

    This post makes me want to pack my bags and travel the world. :)

    I wish I can do that … right now.

  6. tara says:

    smiling so many reasons. that flag, for starters.

  7. anabela / fieldguided says:

    Love this post. And of course, the bolo de arroz is dear to my heart.

  8. See Hear Say says:

    i want to travel too! you should stop by in australia next time :)

  9. kiss my spatula says:

    your upcoming trip by train is a dream.

  10. erin says:

    such a great post! the plans for your next adventure sound wonderful!

  11. de mis sueños says:

    i'm enjoying the new look. and the photo of d.f. … makes me want to go back. oh, and the cake-yumm.

  12. m says:

    I would love to take that train trip with you.
    Sarah, would you like to come?

  13. Jane Flanagan says:

    Wow – what a trip you have planned!

    You're going to love St Petersburg. I was there shortly after it was renamed St Petersburg from Leningrad. I felt so transported the entire time I was in Russia. Me at my most fearless and wide-eyed.

  14. Seamus says:


    I love the way you write. Great stuff. Where is the picture of the metro. It looks like Malaga Spain. I remember the first time I went to Spain. I landed in Madrid and had a cafe con leche at the bar. It was absolutely incredible. The care that went into that simple cup of coffee amazed me. It was no Starbuck cafe leche that's for sure.
    That first trip changed my life.


  15. the haystack needle says:

    nikole, your blog is truly a treat to read!

  16. JENNIFER MAO says:

    i took the trans-mongolian this past autumn, and did wish that i could have started from western europe! it will be fantastic.

  17. Elise says:

    loved this post and your pictures – thank you and have a great week

  18. mustardandsage says:

    What a treat to travel along with you this morning, if only for a few minutes… And as for those cloud-shaped marshmallows? LOVE.

  19. Anna says:

    I love all of this. Yes to wonderful travel plans! Yes to a new JJR piece for spring! …and yes to garlic naan. My love for Indian food knows no bounds.

  20. Janet says:

    The bird market in Hong Kong…you must go when you take that train trip.

  21. Christina says:

    oh i do love it, when you take me by the hand on these adventures.
    and yes, the blue waters and and jerk sausage. but dat will be enough work for de morning. a hammock will hold you tight, until lunch. : ) 'cause its all good,while in JA.

  22. capitocome says:

    ehi Nikole!
    I've talked about you and your LOVELY BLOG in my blog,@
    yeah, I know, it's Italian…
    the meaning is:
    I've described your great point of view… I really like it, it reminds me the days when things were done properly, with craftman ship.

  23. Cookie Cutter says:

    Lovely post! Come to South East Asia!

  24. Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) says:

    Hi from Spain!
    I know your blog today, Its great!!
    Wow! Greetings! I´ll follow you… bye!

  25. cinta / sepi / sayu says:

    oh your blog is precious!


  26. Jo says:

    for four years, hidalgo used to be my metro stop. seeing that photo brought sooo many memories! oooh how i miss mexico city center :)

  27. postcards and pretties says:

    love your photos..and the bolo de arroz reminds me of my summers in portugal..

  28. Elie's Papel says:

    love this post!

  29. yogamonster says:

    sooo inspiring, Nikole… I have the freedom and ability to travel… and I've been thinking lately what I would do this upcoming summer. After I read this… my mind is full of lovely ideas…