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on the last little while


how are you?


it’s been a nice holiday,
i’ve sat outside and taken in the sun,
ran between buildings in the pouring rain.
i’ve waited for snow that never came.

i’ve eaten in my favorites.
here and here, to name just two.
i sipped on hot chocolate
with whip cream and mint.
visited with friends, old and new.
spent hours looking at things familiar
and moments peeking in shop windows
for that perfect thing
i didn’t yet know.

i’ve spent time thinking of
the places i’ve been,
and the things i’ve learned
in the year that is near past.
i’ve started to plan
my dreamy summer trip.

i ripped the paper of presents.
i’ve picked up packages from the post box
and carefully slid cards
from pretty white sleeves.

i’ve sat on boats
that dock in wide births.
and i’ve closed my eyes
to enjoy the smells of home.
i’ve eaten things salty
and things pretty and sweet.

i hope your season was equally as nice.
xox, n.

tara, sylvie, jane, anabela, celine, and christina,
thank you ladies,
your words and packages made me smile. really.


a pretty dress for work.
some things for spring.
filippa k sheepskin mittens. love.
i wish i wasn’t allergic to kittens.
this print is funny.
and one more day to bid.
plus, i still need a dress for thursday night
any thoughts?


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a quick christmas wish




a quick hello,
and a christmas wish.
i hope your paths
are filled with
piles of snow
ice-covered lakes
twinkling lights
sugar-cube igloos
giggling laughter
delicious dinners
bubbly drinks,
soft sweaters
cashmere socks
and pretty slices of cake.

happy holidays friends.


marni for laduree. yes please. (via, via)
alexis mabille for angelina. love.
and count me in for this view.


chat in the new year.
xox, n.

posted on December 25, 2009 by Nikole

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on the weekend + menu for hope 6

i saw funny things over the weekend,
i heard funny things too.
i studied less than i should have done.
i walked outside
took in the winter,
i wore my puffy coat
and my newly soled leather boots.
i watched people amidst shopping crazy.
i laughed with the man at the post office.
i promised to bring him cake one day.

i saw postmen whistle
and others frown.
i saw a bird in the subway
something i hadn’t seen in my days before.
he was grey and curious
and all kinds of cute.
he pecked at bread and walked along the platform,
as though he was meant to be there.
he reminded me of the mouse from before.
remember him.

i took a ride in a taxi
well make that two.
but i liked the driver most
who played the flute
at the command of red lights.
a pretty and strange occurrence at once.

i watched a squirrel
whom i thought had no tail
but instead i found
was half inside my garage
his tail hidden inside the door
his body busy outside of it.
he stood there
little hands in motion
a small nut turning between them.
can you image that.
it was near to the cutest little thing.

i drank those bubbly drinks i spoke of last week.
i tried to start christmas shopping.
i danced just a little.
and i ate tasty things.
it all went pretty fast,
but i liked it just the same.

oh and i wanted to tell you
my father & i are taking part in menu for hope 6
we think it’s a really worthy cause.
and we’d love if you’d enter.
the prizes are amazing! really.

it’s administered as a raffle
so you can donate as little or as much as you like.
clever, i think.

if you’d like to win our
pretty little mortar and pestle
read about it here on seven spoons
and here on chez pim.
and check out the other prizes from
around the world:
europe, the asia pacific, us – east coast, us – west coast & canada
then go here and enter.
each entry costs $10
to enter for our prize
enter CA04 in the subject box.
good luck
and thank you.

xox, n.

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sunday sort of light – saturday flourish


a list of sorts:

what i’ll make:
what i’ll ignore:
the dishes, they’re prettier in the sink.
what i’ll wear:
all kinds of flourish.
what i’ll covet:
a pretty necklace.
what i’ll wait for:
a fresh blanket of white and a trip across the sea.
where i’ll go:
home for the holidays.
what i’ll look at:
trees & branches.
what i’ll have one day:
a greenhouse.
what i often feel like:
a vacation with umbrellas.
who i think would be a nice companion:
a dog in a coat.

happy saturday friends.
hope it’s great.
chat soon.
xox, n.

and the photos of course. love.
1. winter branch,
2. the prettiest piece,
3. snow,
4. buttons maggie: {film.500}


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notes on the morning & things at midday

i woke today
to stormy weather
to the neighbor’s chimes
screaming through my window.
to the sun too
sneaking through
frosted windows.

i woke to the wobbling glass
of early twentieth century panes.
a noise that in itself is irritating
and comforting all at once.
less of the latter
but, nice just the same.

the ice that formed overnight
thawing from the inside out,
the water dripping
sliding quickly,
the heat from the morning
furnace filling the room.
the pipes pattering
the floors creaking.

it’s afternoon now,
and there’s a smell of pine
in the air.

the light of a candle,
flickering along the mantle.
the living room windows slightly fogged still.
the voice of matthew barber
fills the space between my walls.

i’m trying to get on task.
but, my mind is filled with thoughts of christmas.
of sweets and cakes
and dinners with friends.

i’m wrapping packages.
with tissue and string
and little bits of green.
and i’m wondering what you’re up too.
are you ready for the holidays?
or do you procrastinate like me?
i haven’t bought a thing.
i think it’s time. officially.

a few bits of spot on:
valeria lazareva. interiors: this & this. love.
beautiful clothing at makie (thank you gilly)

tomorrow, saturday, 5pm est.
two new salt bowls
one new little bowl
two cheese boards
and perhaps even a couple new spoons.
at the moment, there’s
two spoons left. here and here.
and one salad set.

finally i need your help.
it’s freezing here
and new pair of everyday gloves are in order.

anway, hope your journeys today
are filled with happy
and your weekend is tops.
i’ll be sipping bubbly drinks,
enjoying the feeling of holiday
and snacking on christmas sweets.
oh and cozying up for winter nights in of course.

xox, n.

posted on December 11, 2009 by Nikole

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a little late, but our give-away winner!


congratulations dana v!
you’ve won our
1st birthday give-away,
cheese board 3.
thanks everyone for entering
and thank you again for all your support
in our very first year.

i’ll be back tomorrow
with regular blog posts.
until then,
it’s christmas over in our shop.

some pretty little things:

a phillip lim pleated necklace
a pair of chloë sevigny dusty pink suspenders
and some apc mesh tights

another little shop update tomorrow
and at the moment there’s:

one salt bowl
one cheese board
two pedestal plates
and one rolling pin left over there.

chat tomorrow.
xox, n.

posted on December 7, 2009 by Nikole

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